A Few of My Favorite Things

Today, it is “Black Friday” in the United States. I’m indulging by staying at home and not buying any “things” that I don’t need. I am extremely intentional about what I consume and where I spend my money. I’d rather have less than more. I absolutely take Marie Kondo’s advice to heart and purchase/keep things I absolutely love in my life. The rest goes! This helps keep space for the things I truly love. There have been some new items I’ve brought into my life for the purposes of wellness, being more conscious and embracing the cozy vibes that I cherish so dearly in the cooler months. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite things as of late…

Sheepskin House Slippers

As winter approaches, I ordered a pair of sheepskin slippers handmade in Ithaca, New York from “IthacaSheepskin” on Etsy. I purchased the brown color for myself and the stone color for my partner as a gift. These are absolutely divine and the couple making these slippers has been making these since the 70’s. I love that their focus is: “We embrace a "Buy it For Life" philosophy, and aim to make beautiful, useful items that will last and age well for many years.” Since they’ve arrived, I’ve barely taken these off. I am so glad I purchased these as they are contributing to the most cozy feels in my home. Source: IthacaSheepskin Etsy Shop

Linen Sleepwear

My focus this winter and fall is to embrace the slower season and to indulge in rest and the opportunity to slumber during the colder season. I decided to purchase a two piece 100% stonewashed linen sleep set from Deiji Studios, an Australian clothing company in white linen. I also purchased the full length robe in Mustard (which is the color associated with the solar plexus!) I am absolutely in love with both items and will be wearing them all winter long with my house slippers.

Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser

I held out for a long time to invest in a nice and long lasting diffuser. I was gifted a cheap one a few years backed that clogged up within a few uses and never was used again. I had my eye on the Vitruvi Porcelain Diffuser in white for a long time before purchasing. I absolutely love it and use it every day. I also have the Ylang-ylang, Dusk and Frankincense essential oils from Vitruvi and am equally in love with the quality and foresty scent of these oils. Grateful for Vitruvi and their high standards.

Living Libations

I both love to try skin care products and am also a skincare minimalist. My absolute favorite line of all right now is Living Libations by Nadine Artemis, who is a literal goddess of healing naturally. I am obsessed with her Best Skin Ever in Rose, which is a cleanser, moisturizer and mega glow product all in one. Absolutely can’t recommend enough. This is all I use on my face. I also LOVE the clean shampoo and conditioner. Buy this and let me know how you love it!

Whole Beauty by Shiva Rose

A beautiful ode to being a woman and how to care for yourself. A book filled with inspiration for healing, self-care, rituals and connecting with your goddess essence. A book that’s content is as inspiring as it’s visuals. Whole Beauty by Shiva Rose.