Human Design

What is Human Design?

Within the framework of Human Design, it is defined as the Science of Differentiation. Founded and interpreted by Ra Uru Hu in 1987, Human Design shows us that each human being has a unique and highly individualized design and energetic imprint based on the location, time and date that they were born into the world. A chart is generated using this information that becomes one's human design chart—it is a combination of both esoteric and exoteric systems of thought that combine to give us a graphical depiction of each human being energetic makeup. The I'Ching, Western Zodiac, Kabbalah, Hexagram and Chakras (energetic body depiction) are all combined into a single chart giving immense insight into who a person is and how they function best in this physical world as energy. 

Each human being on this earth is uniquely different. We are not all the same so generalized advice is not actually correct for all people. The advice of "go after what you want...make it a go getter" for example, may not be correct for all people—in fact that advice really only applies to Manifestors in Human Design. Even mainstream health and wellness advice like "exercise for one hour per day and eat three square meals" may be incredibly incorrect for certain energy types and charts. This example is only to convey that human design is here to decondition us back to our true self instead of the self we've been told or shown to be. As we go through life, we pick up traits that are not ours. We begin integrating information and ways of being that do not actually serve us in the highest expression. Human Design shows us what truly is ours and what is not so that we can better align with our authentic selves. It is such a magical exploration into rediscovering who you truly are. 

What information do I need to obtain a Human Design chart reading?

The same information used to obtain an astrology natal chart is used to determine your human design chart. You will need your EXACT birth time, date and location of birth. 

How do you create a chart?

I utilize the information stated above into an online chart generator. You can do this for yourself as well. I like to use My Bodygraph. 

Why are you qualified?

Through years of self study, application and integration I have become an expert in human design and reading the charts of others. I was able to utilize aspects of my own personal chart to reclaim my health, improve my relationships and align with my true and authentic path. I've read hundreds of charts of people all over the world and from all walks of life. 

How it can help you...

Human Design gives insight into your personal life path and purpose, health and emotional vulnerabilities, personality traits, life themes, energy type, strategy, decision making, diet and lifestyle recommendations. Charlotte also utilizes her intuitive abilities to assess chronic and autoimmune conditions and how they relate to the way one is living in misalignment of their truth. 

How it changed my life...

Integrating my own human design chart into my life changed my life. From the moment I began reading my own chart and studying the system, I began integrating small changes into my life to better align with my energy type and strategy/authority.

How does it fit into a wellness?

Awareness of your Human Design chart and profile is another piece in solving your own personal health puzzle. It gives tremendous insight into how to live your best life on an energetic, mental and physical level. It has a huge impact on my ability to reclaim my health from Thyroid Disease. Once you look at your own Human Design chart, many of the mysterious pieces of your health puzzle begin to connect. I especially love to read the charts of those suffering from long standing autoimmune conditions. 

Why does it matter?

When we all align with our true path, the vibration of the entire race elevates. If you'd like to live your life with more ease and purpose, Human Design is an important part of your path. 

How do I book an appointment?

Click here to book your appointment with me. 

How long is an appointment?

60-75 minutes. 

What do I offer?

I offer human design chart readings, intuitive counseling, gates and channels reading, relationship readings and 30 minute audio downloads of your type, strategy and authority. 

Do you have more questions? 

Send me an email through my contact form on the bottom of this website.