How To Eat For Your Human Design Type

Human Design Eat For Your Type

Today I'm going to be sharing the basics of how to best align your diet to support your human design type. All human design types will be best supported by different styles of eating. While things get get very chart-specific, let's go over the basics. Some of you may be familiar with my story of reclaiming my health from debilitating autoimmune disease (read here!) I was really unwell for a while with autoimmune disease and one thing that changed my life was aligning my diet to support my human design type as a Projector. Some types are more sensitive and other types have inherently stronger bodies or faster metabolisms. Again, you can go really deep on chart specifications but I'm skimming the surface. My disclaimer when giving advice on diet is first and foremost that everyone benefits from a nutrient dense and balanced diet of high-quality fats, abundance of plants, and protein from either plant or animal. Some types can get away with more intake than others and some will be more prone to overeating than other types. Let's dive into how to eat for your human design type.

Projectors/Reflectors—very sensitive when it comes to nutrition and diet. These two types have the slowest digestion of all human design types. They are without sacral definition and thus will take on the needs and desires of others making them prone to over eating. Projectors will do best eating like birds—they actually don't require as much food as other types, especially protein. I was shocked by how much I was eating prior to understanding my chart—I didn't realize how little food I actually need. Eat lots of small meals throughout the day within your own paradigm of eating. Don't eat too much at any given time. Overeating is something you really want to watch for as you will be prone to this but it is also the fastest way to dull your magnetism. Examples of what I (as a Projector) like to eat during the day. I keep it SUPER SIMPLE. Projectors will benefit from being free of gluten and alcohol (other types can handle these substances but Projectors will not do well with these things in the diet and will most likely gravitate away from at least the latter!) I like avocado with lemon and sea salt on rice crackers. I like a brown rice bowl with an egg on it. Or steamed vegetables with butter and sea salt. SIMPLE. Projectors may due better with a higher-carb more grain based intake (yes I know this might be shocking to some of my grain-free friends!) After years of being grain-free myself, the low carb life has detrimental impacts on my thyroid. I highly recommend aligning with your own intuition versus following diets. 

Manifestors—also sensitive but less so. May be able to get away with a little more than Projectors and Reflectors. Manifestors still have their sacral open meaning they can also be prone to overeating and taking on other people's desires. Watch this. The great thing about Manifestors is that they are magical beings with immense power. My recommendation to Manifestor's is to CHOOSE how your meal is going to affect you. Yes, YOU have that power! You get to decide if a food works for you or not. Go with it. 

Generators/Manifesting Generators—grouping these two together. Of all types, these two types are going to be the least sensitive to offensive foods. I'm honestly jealous of these magical beings. They have faster metabolisms than any other type. They also have defined sacral so any type of generator usually doesn't struggle with overeating. Generators do really well with super nutrient dense diets—whole30, paleo, keto—do YOU. Whatever you're into, whatever lights you up and makes you excited, go for that! I love to encourage generators to eat with their eyes. They will best integrate nutrition into their body and be able to absorb it when they are excited about what they're eating. Forcing yourself, as a generator, to eat kale because everyone says kale is healthy is not a good path forward for you. You will not itnegrate foods that you don't love. Focus on filling your diet with the things you love within a healthy eating paradigm and make sure your getting tons of nutrients from plants and animals (or maybe just plants if that's your style.) But to be honest, of all types, Generators are the ones who really need animal meat. They are operating at such a fast pace, meat will help fill their nutrient stores. 

Manifesting Generators Note: this type can be REALLY into one thing one week and the immediately switch to something else. Go with wherever your bliss is. Don't overcommit yourself to any health care practice—switch it up and do what you love. If it's Keto one week and paleo the next, then you do you!

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