Natural Makeup Routine - Winter 2016

As you know, I've kind of fallen in love with exploring the toxin-free, natural makeup scene. It's literally my favorite. I wasn't much of a makeup person growing up or during my teenage years because I always felt like makeup made my skin breakout. And the truth is, conventional makeup from department store and drug stores did make my skin breakout. It still does! A little under one year ago I started experimenting with clean, crap-free makeup. I had so much fun with it. And the best part? It didn't make my skin breakout. I have now made it my little side project to share all my clean, green, toxin-free makeup experiences with you. I love it! It's truly one of my favorite features on my blog. You can see what I was using during the Spring 2015 here and the Fall 2015 here. For winter, I wanted to streamline my makeup routine (especially since I will be traveling!) The focus: super simple, easy, clean face, peachy-golden tones to beat the winter blues with. With some help from the ladies at Credo Beauty in San Francisco and my awesome friends at Blush Beauty Bar in NW Portland, I found all the perfect colors for my skin tones. For me, winter makeup is really about brightening up the skin and keeping it hydrated (since mine tends to get a little more dried out in the winter!)

RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover-Up // If you've read my other beauty posts, you probably know I am OBSESSED with RMS Beauty products. Rosie Marie Swift, celebrity makeup artist, created this incredible brand of toxin-free, coconut-oil based beauty products. She basically has a cult following for her Living Luminizer (one of my staple products that adds a beautiful glowy look to any face!) This winter I'm one of my favorite RMS products, the 'un' cover-up in the shade 11, which is an incredible concealer. Many people use this as an all over face concealer but I prefer to use it as a spot concealer and to brighten my under eye bags, which seem to show more when I'm not as tanned. This is the first thing I apply to my face. I like to apply using my pointer and index finger by simply tapping into my skin. I also LOVE to apply with the beauty blender (more on that in a sec!)

ILIA Beauty Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 // An absolute daily staple of mine is this fabulous sheer tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 by Ilia Beauty. Ilia is tied with RMS as my favorite clean beauty brand. I've been using this light foundation for the last year and it's still in rotation because I love it so much. Over the summer I was using the T4 Ramla Bay shade but because I've lost color in my skin now that summer is long gone, I'm using the T2 Belle Mare shade. I apply this after I use the RMS beauty 'un' cover-up. It's the perfect light coverage combination, in my opinion. For a bit more coverage, you could swap it for Ilia Vivid Foundation, which I use for more coverage and when I'm going out at night to a party or on a date (hehe!) I use the shade F3 Santorini in the Vivid Foundation.

Beauty Blender // WHY has it taken me this long to get on the beauty blender train? They have been super popular for a while now, and with good reason. It is an egg-shaped makeup sponge that creates the most perfect dewy skin look. I use this when applying Ilia Vidid Foundation and RMS Beauty 'un' cover-up and it works so well. Definitely get yourself one of these for applying concealer!

ILIA Beauty Multi-Stick // This winter, I wanted to go for peachy-golden hues, mainly inspired by this awesome multi-use stick by ILIA. I got it in the I Put A Spell On You shade and it is utter perfection. I simply swipe onto my cheek bones and lightly pat with my index and pointer fingers until it creates a really nice glowing look.

Lily LoLo Pressed Bronzer // The lovely ladies at Credo Beauty in San Francisco introduced me to the brand Lily Lolo. I love it! I really wanted to give the contour thing a go this season but in the most minimalistic way possible. I started out with a kit I got from Nordstrom, which I’m not going to link here because it was awful and full of toxic crap and made my skin breakout. So I returned it and got the Lily Lolo pressed bronzer in the Honolulu (the darkest shade) so I could contour with it. I also got this contour brush by MAC, which is absolutely necessary for contouring. I really like it and am super happy with how it applies the bronzer. I simply swipe the bronzer from my ear to right before the corners of my lips so that it sits under the blush and then I blend really well. 

ILIA Balmy Nights Lip Exfoliant // I can't be the only person who suffers from peeling and dried out lips during the winter months. This Ilia lip exfoliant is an absolute staple in my makeup bag during the winter months. You simply apply over your lips and then run your lips together to exfoliate and then use a tissue to remove. It leaves you with soft and smooth lips. Perfection.

Nu Evolution Mascara // LOVE this mascara. I use to be die-hard for Tarte Amazonian Clay Mascara. But after a year of using it, I honestly just wanted to switch to something new and this mascara by Nu Evolution is the shit. The awesome ladies from Credo Beauty recommended it to me and I love, love, love it. Perfectly black and gives the lashes lots of lift and dimension.