Treat Yourself in Portland, Oregon

While I was living in Portland, I went through some really hard times. I had moved to Portland with my boyfriend at the time, we ended up breaking up a few months later, I was dealing with confusing health stuff and I was establishing myself as a newly single girl in a city where I knew next to no one. During this time, I made it a mission to take self-love and self-care super seriously. I wanted to learn what it meant to show up for myself and to truly love myself inside out. It was intense. During this time, it was the little things that brightened my days and made me feel good. One of the monthly rituals I established during this time was going to Treat in NE Portland where the lovely Megan Fisher, founder and owner of Treat, would always make me feel x1000 better.

Treat is a little slice of heaven in Portland providing waxing and skin care services. I know this might seem silly—how can a wax or skin treatment make you feel that much better? Honestly, it became one of my monthly self-care rituals. It was seeing Megan's bright and cheery face. Talking to her about what was going on in my life at the time. It was about seeing this woman who had created such a passion-fueled business with integrity and care doing what she loved and making other people (me) feel better. It was here where the simple act of getting my brows dyed made me feel infinitely better. You see, one of my standout symptoms of Hashimoto's was thinning eyebrows. With the latest trend being beautiful, full eyebrows, I felt so self-conscious about mine. Luckily, with a change in diet, my brows grew back but they were also very light blonde. Megan introduced me to brow dying, and for some reason this was revolutionary. It redefined my face and made me feel beautiful. Getting my brows dyed and waxed each month (as well as a lower leg wax) was just a little way that I improved how I felt and became an act of self-care. It was the ritual of "treating" myself that made a huge difference in dark times.

Treat is an example of one of those businesses that just does it right. Portland is kind of a hot spot for companies who just 'get it'. They have great branding, great product, great customer service. You know, nothing inspires me more that a female entrepreneur and business owner (#ladybossesunite). I always love going to Treat—Megan never failed to greet me with a St. Croix or Rosé, endless treats (candy) and the best damn brow wax and dye in Oregon. My monthly ritual of seeing Megan will truly be one of the things I miss most about Portland. So seriously, if you need an emotional pick-me-up, take yourself to Treat and get a facial, a wax, a brow-dye. Something. Anything. Just show up and Megan will take care of you and make you feel like a hundred bucks. PS. Check out her incredible brow transformations here

If you book an appointment, let Megan know you found out through It's me, Charlotte and she'll give you a friends discount :)