Spring Capsule Inspiration


I seriously adore writing about my journey with the capsule wardrobe. I’ve now been blogging seasonal updates for the past year on the topic of capsule wardrobe and personal style. It’s been a complete journey for me and one thing I’ve realized is that great style takes thought and intention. Even for the chicest, most un-done looks, they are generally somewhat calculated. And now, it's basically Spring (how did that happen!?) and that means I’ve officially been capsuling for over one year. Although, to be honest, by this point, I’ve adapted the capsule wardrobe concept so much to fit my lifestyle that I’m not so sure I can really say I’m capsuling anymore. But streamlined my wardrobe I have. Rid myself of stuff that does energetically jive with me I have. And the continuous up-cycling and recycling of clothing is happening in full force.

The last time I did a full on capsule wardrobe was in the winter of 2015/16, just a few months ago. I hated my capsule. I didn’t pick clothing that jived with my energetic fields; what I mean by this is that my personal energy wasn’t flowing with dark colors and clothes made cheaply from fast fashion brands. I ended up just wearing my black jeans, a t-shirt and a black blazer the whole season. And that got old really fast. When I got back to the U.S. mid-January, I fell hard for the west coast vibes and this has recently hugely impacted my sense of style and love for fashion. One thing that has recently changed and impacted my life in a huge way is that I have started buying and wearing a ton of vintage and second hand clothing. I’ve fallen hard for finding and wearing clothes that have previously belonged to another human. My love affair with vintage started when I found the most insanely epic faux leopard coat at one of my favorite vintage stores Cowgirl Cash in Bend, Oregon. If you ever find yourself in the high desert mountains of central oregon, do yourself a favor and pop in to this little boutique. It’s a shop with extremely curated vintage, which is what I’m most into. I popped in one day, spotted this amazing vintage faux leopard coat, put it on and it was like magic. It fit me perfectly. The energy of the coat felt unreal. Putting it on kind of felt like coming home. It was the first time I realized that clothing carries intense energy. When you wear vintage or second-hand clothing, you inherit the energy of the item. That means you do have to be careful but also, there is opportunity for the inheritance of incredible energy. Literally every time I wear my faux leopard coat, something super amazing and special happens or I just feel really, really great. After finding that coat, I started shopping full on vintage. And that is a big reason I won’t be able to share the actual items of what I’ll be wearing this Spring—mostly because they are one of a kind.

Of course I have supplemented with items from my favorite labels like Madewell and Zara, which offer really great basics. But the crazy thing is when shopping for new clothes versus used, the clothes feel energetically dead to me. Of course you can foster good energy in items you purchase new, but it’s just crazy to feel the differing energy in new vs. used clothing. So this Spring, I would describe my capsule style as eclectic. All the items I brought with me to Denmark are super special and are only items that make me feel absolutely fabulous. They are mostly second-hand clothes with the occasional new items thrown in. I have also been super drawn to heritage brands—brands that have been around a while because they've done something right. Think Levi’s, Converse, LL Bean and so on. My current capsule is filled with faux fur coats, tons and tons of Levi's denim, Madewell jeans, western style boots, incredible hats and so on. OH—also there is major vintage style inspiration coming in through my denim: think Levi's 501 jeans and the uber popular trend-on-the-rise the kick crop denim with a frayed edge. Craaaazy about 'em. My style this spring season is very wild west coast meets sophisticated European city. It’s kind of perfect. I’m crazy about it. It just feels right.