Solo Road Trip from Oregon to California


Today, I'm sharing a little update on my time here in the United States. I spent the past month totally and completely relishing in one of my favorite places right now—Bend, Oregon. I've mentioned it before but Bend is a little mountain town in the Cascade Mountain range. And I'm kind of obsessed with it. It has uber small town vibes, the best hot yoga studio and endless trails to muddy your running shoes on. My sister, who is literally probably my most favorite person in the world also lives there with her little baby. I spent the month deepening my yoga practice, breathing in the cool mountain air, being enthralled with all things vintage and eating plenty of Pho while watching The Bachelor (guilty!)

Bend is my place where I find peace. I always seem to find vibrant health while I am there, which is huge. Of course, all things have to come to an end and I was sad to say goodbye for a little while so that I could head to the Bay Area for photoshoots and such. I've got tons of amazing creative projects going on while I'm down here in the bay area, including an epic food photography workshop that I will be teaching at Mission Heirloom in Berkeley. There are only two spots left so snag your ticket here so we can play and style and photograph and eat and chat together. Anyways, I decided to drive down instead of fly so that I could bring all my props. But more importantly so I could relish in the amazing vibes of the west coast and to flex my lady boss muscles. And seriously, my drive down the west coast was pretty magical. It was filled with endless hours singing along to Taylor Swift's 1989 CD on full blast, a sampling of basically every iced coffee I-5 had to offer, a sleepover with my lady Natasha, a bout with the flu and eventually my ultimate arrival in San Francisco for three weeks of work. There's something about road-tripping that makes me feel like the ultimate lady boss—and I fully believe in letting those vibes flow any opportunity you have. It was truly empowering. So there's the update on what's going on right now. I've got a lot of things bubbling at the moment. Lots of big decisions to make. More updates to come soon.


Have you felt empowered by doing a solo road trip? I'd love to hear from you!