Slowing Down and Transitioning Into Fall

It's Friday morning today. Last night I took an amazing epsom salt bath while the bathroom was lit with beeswax candles. I burned palo santo and let the smoke fill the air while I read Women Who Run With Wolves. I slept with my windows wide open and the cool mountain air lulled me into the deepest sleep. I woke up to a windy and gray day here in Central Oregon, with the smell of simmering broth of lamb shank and vegetable scraps filling the air. I started my day with warming ginger tea, a prayer and a phone call with one of my best friends. It's such a good Friday already. We are in a transition. Saying goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall. That can make ones heart heavy as change of any kind is exciting yet sad. It's the time of the year to slow down and appreciate the small in between moments. It's the time to take care of yourself and get ready for the cooler months. It's time to switch from raw foods and fresh-pressed juices and start making warming broths and tonics to support digestion. I've also started incorporating a few new rituals for this season: epsom salt baths, burning palo santo, a fresh stack of books to read before bed and saying a good morning prayer. Oh! I'm also incorporating more ghee into my diet these days and some raw milk. The books on my bedside include: Women Who Run With Wolves, The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success