Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Today after returning from home from the grocery store, I walked into my Dad's house and was greeted by the smell and sounds of a wood burning fire. My dad loves fires but since I've been home, we haven't had one. Likely because it's been summer and much too warm for a fire. But today he felt like one. And I don't blame him. It's such a serene evening, the air a bit cooler and it's getting darker earlier and earlier. I leave tomorrow for Oregon. And that, along with the cool evening breeze and the roaring fire makes me realize fall is on its way in and summer is on its way out. Sad but beautiful. Tomorrow I drive all the way to my favorite little mountain town, Bend, Oregon, to shoot a new cookbook with an absolutely rad group of talented chefs, organic farmers and boss ladies in the food industry. Wee. I can't wait to make magic with them this coming week. I will definitely keep you posted on our creations. However, until then, I'm taking a few minutes to relish in the calm before the storm. This watermelon went down in about sixty seconds. As sweet as summer.