Roasted Carrots with Warming Spices (Inspired by Stedsans!)


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of hanging out on the Østegro rooftop garden taking photos of all the beautiful seasonal dishes from Stedsans CleanSimpleLocal. You've definitely either heard me mention them or have read my blog posts about Stedsans (I took my dad there for his birthday and here I talked about my first Stedsans long table dinner) but suffice to say I'm obsessed with the concept, the execution and Mette and Flemming who are the creatives behind the beautiful restaurant. The food is always beautifully fresh, seasonal and local. Mette and Flemming cook according to real food values—meaning plenty of gorgeous vegetables, sustainably raised meat, biodynamic wine, saturated fat like butter and coconut oil and use plenty of medicinal and nourishing herbs. I couldn't love the way they prepare food more and it definitely aligns with how I nourish my own body. Anyways, when I was there, Mette brought out this absolutely stunning dish of roasted carrots. She was extra excited because they were the first farm fresh carrots of the Summer season. And boy were they sweet and delicious. The key to any meal is starting out with beautiful, fresh and organic ingredients. I've been very inspired by Mette and Flemming's food and have been cooking out of Mette's stunning cookbook Sundt & Simpelt non-stop lately. The funny thing is the book only comes in Danish and I'm joking that it's how I will learn Danish. I've been doing my own little rendition of roasted carrots these days inspired by Mette.

Roasted & Spiced Carrots

Preheat oven to 250C/450F. Prep farm fresh carrots (the sweet and soft kind) by cutting off the stems but savings just a bit as pictured. If using regular grocery store carrots make sure to half or even quarter them as they are often much harder. Place carrots into a baking dish and liberally coat with a combination of olive oil and ghee or butter. Next sprinkle liberally with cinnamon, turmeric and ginger powder. Give plenty of pinches of coarse sea salt and pepper. Next, garnish with dried or fresh thyme. Roast carrots until they are fork tender and then broil for five minutes. Serve with loads of fresh basil, and the kicker, cacao nibs (a la Mette Helbak). These are so dreamy and an incredibly nutrient-dense, body loving dish. Enjoy, my sweet friends!