A Roadtrip in the Swedish Countryside


Well, this probably won't surprise you, but I am crazy about road tripping. After my breakup last Summer, I went on a road trip from Oregon to California. It was just me and the road (and a Taylor Swift CD) for twelve hours. And it was empowering. And it made me realize that everything would be okay. Now, road trips are one of my favorite ways to travel. I recently went road tripping from from Helsingborg, Sweden to a super small town, Molcom, in the Swedish countryside where the Ängsbacka Yoga Festival was held. It was so fun and wild. What was supposed to take us five hours in the car ended up taking us over 24 hours because we kept stopping to jump in lakes, pick berries and follow the beaten path. It was the best way to explore the Swedish countryside and I totally fell in love with the farmland dotted with sweet red houses. I now have dreams of living in one where I just tend to my garden and drink tea while reading. I can't recommend road tripping through Sweden enough (and it's extremely inexpensive to do so.) We rented a car for a minimal fee and ended up camping at free locations by the sea. Also, just a note to my gluten-free friends, which I know is so many of us—Sweden has epic salad bars everywhere you can imagine. Big supermarkets and small gas stations, particularly our favorite Preem, had the best and healthiest salad bars to keep us healthy as we drove. Also the wild foraged berries were a perfect little sweet treat. So on top of being a stellar and fun road trip filled with endless beauty, we were able to remain healthy and feeling good the whole time.