My Favorite Places to Grab Juice in Portland

The day after Thanksgiving I generally feel like I don't want to eat for days. This is a time when a green juice (or two or three) starts to sound really appealing. One of the things I will definitely miss about Portland is the abundance of healthy food options all around town. It seems like everywhere you turn in Portland you can find cold-pressed green juices, smoothie carts, dairy-free matcha lattes, bone broth, gluten-free treats and house-made nut mylk coffee drinks. It's kind of a dream land for anyone who enjoys healthy eating. And the juice scene is pretty swoon worthy. While I lived there, I made it a personal mission to find all the best places to get a cold-pressed juice, since it wasn't something I could make at home (I don't own a juicer!)  I love, love cold-pressed juice as an addition to a healthy diet so I'm going to keep in short and sweet and just share eight of my favorite places to grab juice in Portland.

KURE JUICE BAR // with four locations around the city (and talk of further expansion,) Kure always has you covered no matter where in the city you are. They have a great juice, smoothies and acai bowls.

SLOW SQUEEZE JUICE // located on SE Division in the Tidbit Food Pod, slow juice is one of my favorite places to grab juice in Portland. The owner will customize any juice for you, just ask. I generally ask her to make me something with minimal sweetness. They come in really pretty glass bottles if you get the largest size, which I love to then recycle as my water bottle for a few days.

SIP JUICE CART // tucked onto a small side street off Alberta in NE Portland, sip juice cart is probably the cutest place to grab a juice in Portland because it is served out of a gorgeous white airstream. They've got awesome juices and smoothies. Only good things to say about Sip Juice Cart.

CANTEEN // a sister shop to Sip, Canteen is located in SE Portland and serves the same awesome juices and smoothies as Sip, with the addition of healthy, vegetarian style bowls. This is the perfect place to grab a juice while your working or meeting up with a friend since the space is really inviting and cozy.

HARLOW // located on SE Hawthorne, Harlow is a great vegetarian breakfast and lunch spot with an extensive juice and smoothie menu + tons of awesome food like GF banana pancakes and vegetarian huevos rancheros. This is less of a place to "grab a juice" and more of a place you go for a weekend brunch. The plus? Option for tons of healthy cold-pressed juices while brunching happens.

PURE SIMPLE JUICE // you'll find this little gem of a shop in the SE industrial district. I love, love pure simple juice. There juice is cold-pressed and made using organic fruits and vegetables. They also sell at the Portland Saturday Market. There menu is small but mighty.

THE JUICE BOX // with a small cart at the SE Stark food pod, the juice box offers some of my favorite juice in Portland. It's the perfect place to pop into to pick-up enough juice for the week (think more than one bottle.) My favorite is the 'farm,' which has basically ALL the vegetables and fruits you might want in a juice without being sweet.

PORTLAND JUICE CO. // one of the first juiceries to come in to town, we had to include Portland Juice Co. on the list. There juice  is great, I like their branding and they have a solid menu with lots of options. It's located in SE Portland off Powell. It's generally not the first place I stop to pop-in for a juice just because of location. Still a great option!