Portland, Oregon's New Broth Bar

Over the past year, bone broth has made a sweeping debut onto the health and wellness scene. It's being touted for its gut healing properties and as a beauty tonic for hair, skin and nails because of its collagen content. While I was following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) to manage my Hashimoto's and heal my gut, bone broth was an essential part of my diet. And while I am not longer following the AIP elimination diet, bone broth is still a staple in my diet, especially during the cooler months. If you'd like to try your hand at bone broth, this is how I make mine. With Portland, Oregon rising as an emerging health food hot spot, it's been exciting to see so many amazing Real Food eateries popping up around town. After a fabulous experience at Portland, Oregon's new Broth Bar, I wanted to share images of the space and a little review.

Tressa Yelling and her sister Katie opened Northeast Portland's new broth café in August 2015. Annika and I were both totally vibing with the minimalistic design of the space, with its beautiful white walls and cement floors. Their menu is small but mighty. They have two bone broths available per day—when we went, they were serving chicken and lamb broths. We ordered the lamb broth and added beef tongue, ginger and turmeric. We also got their house made rose kombucha, and delicious yuca chips. The broth was insanely delicious and for someone who doesn't usually go for beef tongue, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the food and space awesome, they also have a curated wall of awesome medicinal supplements like Vital Proteins Collagen, Perscript Assist Probiotics, ghee and a variety of other local products that support health and immunity. Also, just a note that the whole space is certified gluten-free! The verdict is, you must go here! It's perfect for a mid-week lunch date with a friend.

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