Personalize Your Capsule Wardrobe


I AM SO EXCITED to share my fall '15 capsule wardrobe with you all this coming week. This post is a bit of a teaser before I share all the deets of what I'm wearing this fall. If you haven't heard of a capsule wardrobe, start by reading what it is and how to create one. So, now that we're all caught up and you are somewhat familiar with the whole concept (you did read those posts, right!?) I'm going to share updates on how I have implemented the capsule wardrobe into my life, the rules I follow and don't follow and where my inspiration for this fall's capsule came from. I FULLY believe in the capsule wardrobe; what I also believe is that in order for it to work in your life, you have to personalize the concept to fit your lifestyle. There are a lot of things I love about the capsule wardrobe but there are also many things I don't like. Now that I've been playing with the concept for over one year, I've learned a lot; here are some of my biggest takeaways...

DITCH THE RULES one thing you'll quickly learn about me if you meet me in person, is that I am a total rule breaker. I got this from my dad. It's almost harder for me to follow rules than to not. Of course, this has translated into breaking many of the hard and fast capsule wardrobe rules. Two rules I've ditched are picking a certain number and sticking with it each season and the no shopping rule. While you are supposed to pick a certain number of items for each season, I really don't focus on the number at all but rather focus on keeping things über minimal and stream-lined. Each season the number of items I have fluctuates. For example, I need less in summer than I do in the winter.

Another hard and fast rule of the capsule wardrobe that I have definitely broken and will continually break is the no shopping rule. If I find the perfect leather jacket, there is no way I'm passing that up. What I don't do is impulse shop. If I need something, for example if I realized I didn't have enough sweaters, I wouldn't suffer through the season because of rules. Ugh rules. I would just go buy a damn sweater.

The last "rule" I have ditched is clearly defining the seasons. I don't say, 'ok, on September 1st I have to have every piece of my capsule set.' I kind of just let my wardrobe transition over a whole month as I slowly swap different pieces into my wardrobe. I found that starting and stopping seasons on specific dates stressed me out too much and lead me to make purchases I wasn't happy with. So now, we are a few days into October and I'm kind of imagining my Fall '15 capsule carrying me through late December/early January.

FIVE WORDS one thing I love to do when I'm in the planning and brainstorming phase of my capsule is to come up with five words that will define my look for the season. I've found this to be extremely helpful, especially when I'm out actually shopping. When I am out looking for items, I ask if a certain item fits one of my five words. When brainstorming the words, I write down a ton of different ones and then narrow them down to five that are truly representative. Here are my five for this season:


FALL CAPSULE INSPIRATION my fall capsule wardrobe was inspired by both a place and a person. The place, obviously, was Copenhagen. The style in Scandinavia is just unreal; especially Danish style. Everyone is so chic and sophisticated yet with a nice ounce of grunge and that rock n' roll vibe. Living for a month in Copenhagen helped me to discover my own personal style. I like crisp, classic, sophisticated + über grunge, rock n' roll, edgy style. Black and white. Some blues. This is all reflected in my Fall capsule. I've got a structured black blazer, white button-ups mixed with distressed denim, rocker boots and lots of leather. Ouiiiii. I am beyond smitten with my current wardrobe and style vibe. I also added in some ox-blood accents in the form of a clutch, beanie and knee-high socks.

This Fall capsule was also inspired by someone I came across on instagram. Her name is Miann Scanlan and she has kind of become my muse this Fall. I love, love, love her style. She hails from Australia, and to me, has a very Scandinavian yet bohemian style going on. I love all the structure and black/white that she wears. The final pieces I added to my capsule were very much inspired by her—a pair of rocker boots and über white distressed boyfriend jeans in WHITE. Because let's break the rules and totally wear white past labor day.

PERSONALIZE YOUR CAPSULE WARDROBE well, not just your capsule wardrobe; personalize the whole dang concept to fit your lifestyle. What rules work for you? What rules don't? Im' not into being dogmatic, I'm into fluidity. Mid-season, if something's not working, change it. Mold the concept to work for you.

WELLNESS + FASHION so how in the hell do fashion + wellness fit together? Fashion is a form of artistic expression. It's a beautiful thing, really. What you wear on the outside has the ability to represent the inner joy that you have on the inside. Wellness is SO MUCH about how you feel about yourself. So why not feel absolutely fabulous in the clothes you wear? I love the idea of the capsule because it helps me keep my style streamlined and minimal. I don't have room in my life for 'stuff' that doesn't bring me joy. Through the capsule, I have created a closet with no excess. Everything in my closet/capsule I love. Everything makes me feel good. The minimalist aspect keeps my mind clear. I never have those 'what the hell am I going to wear!?' moments. And I never feel guilty about having a closet full of clothes I never wear. This Fall, I'm working with 33 items + 5 accessories. This doesn't include workout, lounge, or fancy attire. My last piece of advice to you for creating a capsule wardrobe is to not follow rules and make it work for you, whatever that means.

SO—are you interested in giving the capsule wardrobe concept a whirl!? Let me know in the comments!! P.S. the images used in the collage are via the instagram of Miann Scanlan. I used these to show you where my inspiration came from.