Notes on Transition and How to Get Through It

It's 4:05 in the morning and I've been in Copenhagen for less than 48 hours. I text my soul sister Maggie "going through a rough transition at the moment. The essential oil blends you made me are my saving grace." And of course, in usual Maggie fashion, she responded with lots of love, compassion and a link to Mystic Mama's most recent post on the theme for December 2015. Guess what it is? Transition. I skimmed the first few sentences and texted "dead on." December, ah, the month of transition. I can feel that in every bone and cell in my body. Transition is never easy. Because transition means change. It means shedding what was. Transition often includes a leap into the unknown. And that's a little bit how I feel about my first few days as a digital nomad.

Thoughts running through my head like, what the hell am I doing? Am I for real? I want to go home. Should I book a one way to New York? It's my fear of the unknown. It's the little logistical things (and lack of sleep) that have simply put me over the edge these first few days in Copenhagen. It's my phone not accepting local sims. The water heater in my room that sounds like it's dripping all night long. My longing for my beloved heavy-bottomed cast iron skillet. But there's also hope that this is the right path. Mystic Mama says that this month, part of transition, is always instinctive and triggers the instinctive center. The instinctive center is all about survival; this means this time can be loaded with feelings of anxiety or stress. The way through? To accept the changes and new earth in front of you and simply put one foot in front of the other. I highly, highly suggest digging into this fabulous post on the month of December as a time of transition. It has brought me a lot of clarity about why I am feeling the way I am feeling. It's forcing me to slow down and to be kind to myself. So you know what I decided to do? Well, I started a little list of ' happy things' I can do to cheer myself up. I made the things specific to what would make me happy in this very instant (so they are a bit Copenhagen specific!) Here's what I came up with—things that would cheer me up right now:

+ go to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 

+ go on a run 

+ go to crossfit

+ eat avocado toast

+ drink black tea

+ light candles

+ take a hot shower

+ more tea

+ wear a cozy sweater

+ get a haircut

+go to coffee collective

+ explore without a phone

+ go see the christmas markets

+ bundle up and go on a brisk walk

+ listen to classic french pop (Jacqueline Taieb + Brigitte Bardot)

+ go to an outdoor market 

+ relish in the seasonal fruits and vegetables

+ eat a soft medjool date with a roasted walnut in the center

+ ylang ylang and peppermint essential oil blend

+ edit photos to have uber filmy look 

+ one breath. two breath. three breath. four. 

+ remember everything is going to be okay

That's twenty-two things that cheer me up just thinking about them. These are simple comforts like exercising, eating nourishing food, breathing and being cozy that are available to me as a means of finding calmness and peace while feeling a bit frazzled. So my plan for the next few days is to indulge in this list. FULLY. I'm going to drop what I needed to do and instead do what feeds my heart. I'm going to luxuriate in a hot shower, set out without my phone, put on my chicest holiday outfit, relish in the christmas markets, eat a walnut stuffed medjool date and breathe in the crisp winter air. This is what me embracing the transition looks like. So my recommendation to you? During those hard times where it seems everything is working against you, surrender. Create a 'happy things' list. You'll be surprised at how simple the things that make you happy might be. Taking and editing this photo above and simply writing this blog post, sharing my experience with you, has brought me joy. Now, I think I'll cuddle in my bed until the sun comes up, cup of tea in hand, while the candlelight burns bright.