Natural Makeup Routine—Spring 2015

Since posting about my skin care and oral health essentials I've received tons of requests for a break down of what makeup products I use. I should begin by telling you all that I like to keep things pretty simple with my makeup routine as I love the au natural, glowy skin look. Just as I have incorporated minimalistic practices into my wardrobe, I have done the same with makeup. I prefer to have a small amount of high-quality products that can ideally serve more than one purpose. For a while, in my most "hardcore" days of avoiding every toxic product possible, I avoided makeup all together. Over the last couple of years, I have found that a healthy lifestyle is truly about balance. Being an extremist, in any form, can have negative outcomes. I found that when I avoided makeup all together, it was a way for me to hide from my natural beauty. I felt like a saint for not wearing makeup but the truth was that not wearing makeup was a way to avoid celebrating my own beauty. I wasn't honoring myself because I didn't believe that I was beautiful. I have done a lot of work on self-love and care over the years and have found that wearing some makeup is one way to honor my own femininity.

That being said, by no means does not wearing makeup mean you aren't honoring yourself. It is your own personal choice whether you feel you want to or not. And just a note, I don't wear makeup everyday. But I love having it available for days when I am feeling especially feminine, when I go out with girlfriends, and when I am meeting someone for the first time. Additionally, I am very choosy about what makeup I use. For the most part, I like to keep it gluten-free. As many of us know by now, our skin is the largest organ and it can absorb up to sixty percent of what you put on it. That means that all those ingredients you can't pronounce are being absorbed into your blood stream and may be causing unwanted health problems like hormone imbalance and toxic build-up. Because I am so sensitive to gluten, I feel most comfortable avoiding products that have wheat derived ingredients. Additionally, when possible, I avoid products that include parabens, fragrance, phthalates, and formaldehyde. For more insight into the beauty industry and how to find safe products, I turn to the Environmental Working Group. Today, I am sharing my natural make routine—fall 2015 edition, which includes my favorite makeup brands and products.

1 | my makeup routine begins with ILIA sheer vivid tinted moisturizer spf 20 in the Ramla Bay shade. It serves as the base foundation and provides light coverage. As a brand, ILIA is very focused on transparency and is very open about their sustainable and ethical standards when it comes to creating and testing products. They are committed to cruelty free products (save the bunnies!) that are USDA organic certified and free of gluten and dairy. For me, when looking for a cream or concealer, I really focus on gluten-free options. Overall, I am very satisfied with this product; It goes on smoothly, does not feel heavy, and gives a nice youthful glow to your skin—the perfect example of a product that helps to honor your own beauty, not hide it.

2 | after applying the tinted moisturizer, I move on to RMS "un" cover-up in shade 22. This is a great product for cutting redness and providing more coverage for problem skin and blemishes. RMS is an amazing brand of beauty products and the founder, Rose-Marie Swift, created all of the products to be applied with your fingers. You simple take a very small amount of product and pat it into your skin using your finger(s). This is the cleanest brand of beauty products I have ever found and they are made with coconut oil as the main ingredient. Of all my makeup, RMS is definitely the best example of a brand that encourages you to honor your own beauty rather than covering it up. RMS does not believe in a fully made-up face but rather makeup that enhances the features that make you, you. Rose-Marie Swift is an amazing female entrepreneur and advocate for female health and wellness. I feel wonderful supporting her and her mission. All the products are gluten and soy-free, certified organic, non GMO, and they do not test on animals. You can read more about RMS beauty here.

3 | the next product I use is RMS "un" powder, which does not feel anything like a mineral powder such as bare minerals. It is an ultra-light powder that works synergistically with the RMS "un" cover-up to create an uber-glowy look. I simply use a foundation brush to apply a bit of powder all over my face and jaw.

4 | next, I apply RMS Lip2Cheek in the smile shade to my cheek bones. This product takes a little getting use to but once you try it a few times you'll get the hang of it. I love Lip2Cheek because it helps gives a pop of life and flush to your cheeks...and lips! Yes, that's right. This product is a 2 in 1. Apply it to your cheeks and to your lips. As a reminder, with all RMS products, you want to "pat" the products into your skin versus smearing. Sometimes I apply a basic lip balm to my lips before applying the Lip2Cheek as it doesn't favor dry or peeling lips.

5 | After finishing up with my skin, I move onto my eyebrows—while they are naturally thin, I've got long hairs, so they require some taming. For this job, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills products. While these products are unfortunately not toxin-free, and in fact, may have some not-so-ideal ingredients, I am okay with it because I apply only a little bit. This company also makes the best eyebrow products out there and the competitors are seriously lacking. I use the clear brow gel for shaping and keeping my brows in place all day and then use the brow wiz pencil for coloring in a few of my less than abundant spots. These products perform really well and help bring my whole look together.

6 | now, for my all-time favorite product and the one I use daily, I would like to introduce you to the RMS living luminizer. I first heard about this product through an interview with a top-model who swore by the stuff. It is an ultra-sheer luminizer that helps attract light to wherever you apply it. I mostly apply it to the highest parts of my face such as my brow bones, cheek bones, eye creases, and right above the little dip on my top lip. Love this stuff. It gives you that coveted glowy look and I couldn't suggest it more.

7 | the last step in my makeup routine is Tarte Amazonian Clay Mascara, which is basic and awesome. I have long eyelashes but the ends are super light. I love this mascara because it does a really nice job of enhancing my lashes while also tinting them a nice deep black color. I chose Tarte because their products are made without paragons, phthalates, fragrances, or gluten. Basically, that is all I need in a mascara—I'm really not too picky when it comes to it so this gets the job done for me.

While this may seem like an extensive list of products, the whole process takes about 10 minutes to complete. Sometimes I skip a few steps, for example I'll leave out the Lip2Cheek or the "un" cover-up if my skin is particularly clear. But generally, my makeup routine is exactly as explained above. Anytime I wear makeup, I always make sure to remove it before exercising or going to sleep. To remove, I simply massage jojoba oil on my skin and then remove the oil with a hot wash cloth. This does a fabulous job of removing all of my makeup.