Mission Heirloom Food Photography Workshop Recap


WOW! Today was a big day. Today I taught my first food photography workshop and it was a complete whirlwind, widely fun and a total success! If you didn’t hear, Mission Heirloom, one of my favorite eateries in the SF Bay Area, and I collaborated on an incredible workshop on the fundamentals of food photography. I honestly had no idea what to expect, as it was my first experience teaching a workshop of this kind, but I was blown away by the turnout. The class sold out almost immediately and the participants that came were kind, enthusiastic and eager to learn how to create beautiful images. I am super passionate about sharing my craft and teaching others who to create beauty and everyone who came was so appreciative to learn and improve their visual storytelling skill set. It made my heart want to burst and I can't wait to teach more workshops.


We covered all the basics of food photography, from lighting to composition to styling to prop sourcing to editing and so on. We also had a total hands-on freestyle styling session. Yrmis, who I collaborated with, blessed us with THE most incredible food to style and inevitably eat. We had everything from pastured eggs with grain-free scones topped with pesto and edible flowers to octopus ceviche, cold buckwheat noodles with wild mushrooms, turmeric tonics, yucca crunch with coconut oil, tiger nut blueberry tarts, avocado tarts, plantain ice cream cones with almond milk ice cream. OH YEAH—and I can't forget about the mini bison sliders and chicken and waffles. ALL GRAIN-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE AND SUGAR-FREE. And totally bomb. I mean, if I'm going to do a workshop, I'm going to do it in style and with a focus on real food. Partnering with Mission Heirloom was the best thing ever. THANK YOU YRMIS.


The workshop started out with everyone introducing themselves and what they were hoping to gain from the workshop. It turned out, most people wanted to learn how to take beautiful images with their iPhones. I also introduced myself and talked a bit about my own background and credentials. And then we jumped right into it—I discussed some of the basic aspects of taking great images with an iPhone. I then went on to walk the attendees through a styling session; I discussed my intentional and thoughtful approach to styling a dish, discussing everything from color choice to background to the storytelling component. I then had the attendees style their own little scenes. I was SO impressed by everyone's creative vision. After we were done styling, we sat down to an amazing family style dinner while they asked amazing questions. I felt blessed to be amongst such a fabulous group.


For me, this workshop was a huge deal because hosting a workshop was one of my 2016 goals. This honestly came together so serendipitously—Yrmis and I were chatting one day at MH when I was in town in January and we were just like, let’s do a workshop! And then next thing I knew I was corresponding with the lovely lady behind the scenes, Carson, planning a workshop. Next thing I knew, it was sold out. Earlier in January, I got super clear about wanting to really scale my photography business and take it on full-time. Workshops were a big part of that vision. I think this workshop happening was a true testament to the power of getting clear about what you want, writing your goals down, sharing them with people and then manifesting the shit out of them. From the bottom of my heart, I’m so filled with joy and gratitude for the people who attended my workshop today. I love you all. Thank you for sharing light, love and creativity with me.


Hugs and massive x1000 thank you to Mission Heirloom and everyone who attended the workshop. I love you all. If you'd like to know about future workshops, sign up for my newsletter to make sure you receive the details!