Lifestyle Branding Session with Wellness Blogger Nancy Ferrer


Friends! I’ve been slacking on the blog just a touch lately because I have been so slammed with work, which I’m thrilled about. I've also been working through some major transformation and am filled with an over abundance of ideas and themes and such that I'm dying to expand on. For those of you who have been around my blog for a while, you probably have watched the evolution of themes since I started this space nearly five years ago. And I love all of you who have kindly evolved with me as I’ve experimented with my content. This blog has truly become my sacred creative space for sharing the work I love to do—photography + words to tell stories of my day-in and day-out experiences, failures, triumphs and inspirations. I haven’t fully kept you guys in the loop, but this year has been my year for fully coming into my creative work as a professional photographer.

I’m working through a major site rebrand and redesign with an incredible designer and you will be seeing the merge of my blog and my professional work coming together into a beautiful new beautiful space on June 1st. When I returned to California mid-January, I got fully booked with work. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. My number one goal this year is to create beautiful work that I believe in and to get compensated fairly. That is exactly what happened when I returned to California.  I worked a full photography schedule from the day I got home to the day before I left; I wasn’t able to get to all the amazing people who wanted to work with me in so I've got a waiting list for when I return to California in late summer. I’ve positioned myself as a lifestyle and portrait photographer working with top 100 brands and private clients. While in SF, I did ten lifestyle branding sessions with bloggers, influencers and professionals who wanted branded images of themselves for their websites. These lifestyle branding sessions have become literally my favorite work to create because I get to work with total lady bosses. 


Today, I’m sharing images from health and wellness blogger Nancy's session. These sessions always include two locations, generally a restaurant, café or bakery and then one nature location. For Nancy’s session, we chose an amazing café in the Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco and Sutro Baths (one of my new favorite spots in San Francisco!) I run my sessions like full-on hangouts so that my client and I have time to bond and I can really get a vibe for their authentic self. Lucky for me, I ADORED spending time with Nancy. She is seriously rad, beyond beautiful and brought the sweetest team of supporters along on the shoot: her hubby, younger sister and little baby. Nancy looked absolutely flawless and was such a joy to photograph. Not to mention the outfits she chose were ON POINT. You can check out Nancy’s blog here. Below are some of my favorite images from our session. Thanks Nancy for being such a joy to hang out with. Loved every second. From now on, I hope to share more of these fun branding lifestyle sessions so I can share my work and introduce you to some fully rad lady bosses who inspire me.


Make sure to check out Nancy's site for great information on healthy living, recipes and inspiration!