Jumping Into My 24th Year


Last Saturday I celebrated my 24th birthday here in Copenhagen with friends, amazing food, champagne, a swim in the sea, lots of chocolate and the most blissful late night bike ride!! I usually like to minimize my birthday and would rather just glaze over the day. I'm not really sure where that mentality came from but from this birthday on, that changes. I had a flight booked to London to celebrate with old friends but last minute I decided to spend my 24th birthday in Copenhagen celebrating with new friends. It was a completely spontaneous birthday day that was so full of amazing small and big moments. I feel grateful for each and every moment and the beautiful people who made it the sweetest it could be. My birthday day celebrations made me realize how far I have come in a single year. Last year, when I turned 23, I was completely heartbroken, feeling sicker than ever and was pretty confused with what I was doing in life (typical 23 year old issues!) Pretty sure I was too sad to even celebrate last year. 24 marks a new era. I can feel that some of the best years of my life are on the horizon. My 24th birthday was filled with SO MUCH LOVE, LIGHT, POSITIVITY that it truly showed me how much I expanded my life during my 23rd year.

Last year was REALLY hard. It included some really amazing times but also some really hard times. It was the first time in my life that I had my heart broken. I felt that I might never be able to move on and woke up crying for months. It was also when I hit rock bottom with my health. It was when I finally, 10+ years later, grieved the last bit of my mom's death. But it was also a year that I picked up all the pieces of my heart and began to grow as a stronger and more independent person. It's when I decided to jump fully into my art and career as a photographer. It's when I went on my first solo journey and fell in love with a city and decided to sell all my belongings and leave everything I knew to go after my dream. And it was the year that I was able to reclaim my health. It was filled with meeting insanely inspiring people. It was full of tears, late nights, dancing on tables, dozens of road trips, finding love in every day small moments and people. Lastly, it was the year of practicing self-love in every hard, sad and joyful moment. I embarked on a self-love portrait series this year, which I will continue working on through my 24th years. And as a way to commemorate one of the biggest themes of my 23rd year, self-love, I asked my best friend in Copenhagen, Jacqui, to take some birthday portraits of me to celebrate this journey into 24 (I trust her more than anyone to take my images.) We've been working a lot together and she has been working as my stylist/project manager, but I can't believe how much she's grown as a photographer. SO talented. I'm thrilled for her. So here is me at 24. These are super special images.  Anyways, it's taken my about a week to think about what it feels like to be 24. What my dreams are for this year. Where I am and where I want to go. I'm so excited to jump straight into this year.