Interview with Leaves and Flowers Tea Company

Friends—Today I am absolutely thrilled to share a special interview with Leaves and Flowers Tea Company founder, Anna Morton, a total vibrant goddess and herbal medicine woman. I've known Anna and her family, well, since I was born—her momma is my godmother. As long as I've known Anna, she has been an embodiment of the female goddess archetype—she has a vibrant mountain woman spirit, is a natural beauty, lives from her true authentic self, is an inspiring female entrepreneur and a conscious business owner. Anna co-founded and runs a tea company based out of California that specializes in artisan herbal blends. Read on for a special interview with Anna about LEAVES & FLOWERS, her health philosophy and some quick tips from someone who is "doing it" as a female business owner.

Name: Anna Morton, Co-founder of Leaves & Flowers tea company based out of Berkeley, California

Tell us a little bit about Leaves & Flower Co. 

Leaves and Flowers is a tea company that emphasizes the beauty and abundance of herbal ingredients produced in California. We hand-craft signature herbal blends, as well as procure organic small batch teas from regions of Japan and China.

How did L&F come into fruition? 

l&f was born out of a desire for our work to invigorate our life. I had just spent a year studying the healing properties of plants, and Emily, my business partner, had been working in the coffee industry for years. We were both ready to create something of our own. Neither of us can remember quite how the emphasis landed on tea, but I think the best things in life just take hold. We were both keen and ready. I like to think the herbs had a plan for us.

How does tea contribute to a healthy and vibrant life?

Tea is such a foundational part of living a healthy and vibrant life. It roots you in ritual, as it is (or can be) a daily act. It is something nourishing you do for yourself, which can also be shared with others.

Who or what do you draw inspiration from? 

The natural world is a huge source of inspiration. Since our herbal ingredients come to us fresh and vibrant, we do our best to let that vibrancy elevate our work, and ultimately, be part of our finished product.

What is special about LF tea? 

What is most special about our tea is the story of where it came from. We work so closely with the farmers who cultivate our herbs. It is so special for us to have these relationships, and be so connected to our product from start to finish.

What is your healthy living philosophy? 

I don’t know if I’ve every tried to put it into words, but for me healthy living is pretty simple. Stay close to the earth. Be aware of what you are taking in, be aware of what you are putting out; and realize the connection.

What’s your...

Best beauty tip: get good sleep

Beauty secret: I use rose-water on my face everyday. I swear by it.

Go-to healthy meal: eggs, rice and greens

Favorite way to decompress after a long day: walk in nature

Favorite LF tea: Trés (oregano, anise hyssop, red clover blossom)

Mantra: Find what brings you joy. Learn how to bring that joy to others.

Favorite foods for health and vitality?

Herbs, avocados, greens fresh from the garden, yogurt, passion fruit, honey, walnuts, mulberries, lemons, meat from my dad’s cows—eat by the season!

Best teas for optimal health?

Green teas, and anything herbal!

What is your biggest tip for owning a female-run business? 

Believe you can do it.

Do you have any other tips for aspiring female entrepreneurs? 

Gather good mentors around you, people who know you well and who believe in you. Let them help you remember what you’re capable of, and hold you to your vision.

Where can we keep up with you? instagram: _annamountain or _leavesandflowers