Initial Thoughts on Returning to Copenhagen

If I'm being honest, I questioned coming back to Copenhagen at all. Yes I had a fabulous work opportunity lined up. Yes I had a fabulous apartment set up. Yes I knew my way around the whole city. I had my gym. My chiropractor. My favorite coffee shop. And loads of friends in the city. But I was in such an amazing flow in California. I spent January and February trying to get clarity on whether or not returning to Copenhagen was right. Luckily, I had some time to make the decision while waiting for my visa to process. I deliberated. I talked to everyone who would listen. Some told me, go! Some told me, stay! I continued to listen for the answer.

While in the U.S. this time around, I continued to develop my relationship with the Universe. I developed an even deeper sense of trust that the Universe has my back. She has our back. If you tune in, you will experience her gifts. If you ignore it, then you close yourself off to that guidance. I finally took the plunge and verbally asked the Universe for help. I asked her to guide me where I needed to go. The next day, I woke up to an email from the Danish embassy —I got my visa. Not kidding, you guys. Still, I deliberated. How could I fathom giving up being so in the flow? How could I give up all the amazing work and clients that inspire me endlessly? How could I leave a place that I was just beginning to fall in love with? But something told me I had to go back. I had to go back to Copenhagen. There was so much left undone in Copenhagen. I had to make peace with my NYE extravaganza. I want to experience working/living abroad. I have this amazing opportunity here in a city I love. And I knew, deep in my heart, that I would forever regret it if I didn't go. Up until the very moments of heading to the airport I was anxious. But as we arrived at the SFO international terminal, my anxiousness turned into anxious excitement. I arrived in Denmark fully prepared to take on the next few months living and working abroad.

I was greeted with SO much love arriving in Denmark. Kind messages from friends here. Invites to events. Notes about collaborations and opportunities to create. In the first 24 hours of being in Copenhagen, I was picked up at the airport and greeted with a huge hug by my sweet friend Andreas. I was showered in love notes like "ahh! Your back, let's grab a coffee!" I met-up with my amazing flat mate Craig in the airport while he was waiting for a plane to a ski vacation. I arrived at my apartment only to find the sweetest care package from my Instagram friend Taelor. I was treated to an amazing almond milk cappuccino, wellness juice and lunch by Cem at his health shop Stefano's Green Corner. And I was invited to Paris for a concert and decided to be spontaneous and say yes and book a ticket. I mean, that is A LOT of vibrational love for the first twenty four hours of being here. To me, that's a clear sign from the Universe that I am meant to be here. And let me tell you what else, it feels SO good to be back. The weather is so perfect - just on the cusp of spring. Everyone is happy. The days are longer. The vibes are generally just feeling really great. I am beyond happy and absolutely feel like I made the right decision to come back. Now to unpack and recover from massive jet lag before my weekend getaway!