How to Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Now that we've laid some groundwork for exactly what the capsule wardrobe is and how it has changed my life, we can dive into the process of how to create a capsule wardrobe. You need to know that it takes time and attention to create a capsule wardrobe that you are happy with. For your first few seasons, you will make mistakes and learn a lot. It's all part of the process. Things I've learned through my fall and winter capsule include: I love wearing chunky heels or boots and wear them almost daily—the extra height makes me feel like a #LadyBoss. I love Madewell jeans. All of them. They fit my body like a glove. I don't do collared shirts. Unless they are plaid. I do those. I've also learned that neutrals keep me clear minded and feeling good. I've also figured out a great process for creating a capsule wardrobe that breaks down the steps so it doesn't feel so overwhelming. Here is how my spring capsule wardrobe planning has gone down... 1. Before each season, which I loosely interpret, I start an inspiration board via Pinterst. The idea is to create a mood board of looks you love. I have about 100 pins here. I give myself no limits of pins on this board.

2. Once I have a variety of pins of outfit inspiration that I love, I start pinning specific pieces of clothing from my favorite clothing brands to a board. This is where I play with different styles and the whole vision for my capsule without having to actually buy anything. I like to keep this board under 50 pins so that it's not overwhelming.

3. Once I have somewhere between 30-50 pins, I head out to the stores that I have pinned clothes from to try the pieces on in person. If I like something, I keep it on my pinterest board. I may even buy it and take it home to 'live with' for a couple of days. If you do decide to do the buy and take home technique, remember to leave tags on and save receipts. Whenever possible, I try to get electronic receipts. Places like Nordstrom and Anthropologie are awesome with returns. Madewell is a little more stingy.

4. Next, I figure out my budget. I take into account what is realistic financially and what clothes I really need for my capsule. Remember, you don't have to buy everything new. In fact, you shouldn't have to. You can transition clothes and shoes from one season to the next or put them away in storage. Creating a budget can help you to narrow down what you can actually afford and what you can't. This also helps to figure out what items are necessary and what might be more of a luxury item.

5. Once I have my list of what I need to complete my capsule, I go out and purchase them. Don't freak out if the upfront cost is a little larger than you are used to. You put a lot of effort + thought into what you are buying so don't second guess yourself.

6. By the start of the season, you'll want to have all of your pieces, however many items of clothing you've decided to include.

And there you go—that is what my process of creating a capsule wardrobe looks like. I received so much feedback from all of you about how much you loved learning about capsule wardrobes, which inspired me to write this post. Do you think you'll try one? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.