Hej Fra Færøerne, Friends!


For the past four days I’ve been on a photo trip in the Faroe Islands with one of my best friends and adventure partners in crime, Kristian (ok—he’s my ex-boyfriend too!) We’ve been mostly unplugged as we’ve been driving, hiking and getting lost in the various islands. I can’t believe I’m actually here—it’s been on my must-travel-to list for quite sometime and it has surpassed all of my wildest dreams. It is pretty unreal here. Rolling green hills dotted with sheep of every color and texture. Weather changing in an instant from the brightest sunshine to sideways rain to mystic fog accompanied by howling wind. I’m massively relishing in the healing nature of this land. To be honest, I’ve needed a break from Copenhagen city life to clear my mind, get in touch with my intuition and to press my feet into the lush earth. Aside from driving, hiking and photographing every corner we can, we’ve been eating loads of seafood, drinking cheap gas station kaffe, picnicking, camping and so on. Yesterday we actually took a ferry to the island of Mykine’s and then got airlifted off the island in a chopper today as the waves of the Atlantic were too rough for travel. I overheard in the helicopter, “getting from A to B in the Faroes is always an adventure.” After a few days here, I’d have to agree. I can’t wait to share more with you, but until then, here is a self-portrait post card of myself, blustered with wind, hair in my face but bright eyes and a big smile. Hejhej, Friends!