A Visit to Healdsburg Shed

As the title implies, I recently ventured up to the super sweet town of Healdsburg in Sonoma County to visit the Healdsburg Shed. I have a friend who is part of the Shed Team and she invited me to come see the space and to catch up over amazing farm-to-table style food. I honestly had no idea what I was going to be walking into. Healdsburg Shed is amazing and unreal. I was pretty perplexed by the whole space for the first fifteen minutes I was there. It's such a beautiful space that will feed every foodie's dreams of delicious fare paired with amazing beverages and the ultimate lux and design centric atmosphere. Loved every second of it. I took a few images while I was there although my camera was acting up that day so I eventually stopped fussing and put it away. And as you can see in the last image, I bought some goodies to take home. Despite my best efforts to live as minimally as possible, I could not live without a new piece of handmade pottery and the most epic woven basket backpack that will certainly be accompanying me on many future adventures. I can't wait to return to Healdsburg Shed!