Exploring Helsingør Denmark

Helsingør, also known as the land of fairy tale houses!! On my second to last night in Copenhagen, I decided to catch a train with a friend to the city of Helsingør, which is located on the Northeast coast of the island Zealand in Denmark. This was an incredibly spontaneous trip that we planned only hours prior and I found myself racing the clock to catch the train, making it with only thirty seconds to spare. It was a pleasant forty-five minute train ride from bustling Copenhagen to the quaint city of Helsingør.

I arrived late at night and cozied up at the bar of the Marienlyst Hotel and Casino while waiting for my room to be ready. After a glass of champagne, I snuggled up in my room and slept like a total baby. The next morning, room service was delivered, in traditional Danish fashion: an assortment of grainy rye bread, cheese, cured meats, yoghurt, fruit, coffee and tea. I stuck with the cured meats, fruit and tea. Delicious and perfectly fueling for a brisk walk into town.

A kind woman at the front desk explained how to get to the central part of the city—the map was fairly easy to follow and from the hotel it was a nice thirty minute walk as I passed loads of picturesque fairy tale style houses. I loved that in Denmark, walking, biking and public transport is how you get around because you see so much more and can get a more intimate experience with the city and locals by asking for directions.

I was seriously swooning the entire walk. Bright colors, heavy wooden doors and the last summer flowers blooming from creaks and crannies made for the most romantic setting. The appeal in exploring Helsingør Denmark is definitely the architecture of the houses as well as the Kronborg Castle. It is all so classically Danish.

There wasn't much in the way of interesting foods to eat. Everything seemed pretty average and a quick yelp search revealed almost no places that were particular gluten-free or health conscious. I found a little place that served cold-pressed juices and smoothies—I just stumbled upon it—but nothing to write home about. All in all, I'm glad I took a little overnight trip to Helsingør to witness the cute houses and sweet vibes of a small Danish town, but one night and a day of wandering was certainly enough. I boarded the train, again, with nearly seconds to spare, filled with a happy heart that I was able to take a little trip. If you'd like to take a trip to Helsingør while you visit Denmark, I suggest staying here.