A Soul Trip to the Danish Countryside

Six years ago, was my first time in Scandinavia. I hadn't traveled much up until that point. I was visiting my boyfriend-of-the-time's family and home in Svendborg—a small town on the island of Fyn. One summer evening, as the sun set, I stood in the middle of the road overlooking fields of wheat, farmland, a chapel and a fiery sky and I was engulfed by a strong spiritual connection to my mom. It has been nearly ten years since she had died; and it was the first time since her passing that I truly felt her in this reality. It was an incredibly special experience that I will never forget. Since that moment, I've felt an undeniable pull to Scandinavia. And this summer, I felt very called to return to the very spot that I had this experience in. For my one one last hoorah in Denmark before heading back West, I road triped to the garden island of Funen (Fyn.) It’s southwest of Copenhagen and this road trip was one of the most magical and empowering of my time so far. I rented a car, for the first time ever, and drove through the countryside, over long stretched out bridges, windows wide open, sunnies on, listening to Danish folk music. I felt so free and independent. Heart wide open. And supported. I spent the week relishing in small moments with someone who means a whole very lot to me: one of my soul people's mom, sweet Linda, who welcomed me with wide arms and a full heart. We stayed up late drinking tea, cooking together, dined outside, enjoyed our morning lattes, discovered a new health shop and picked pears from the tree together. I really fell in love with the pace of country living. I discovered land filled with endless wild blackberry bushes and was charmed by the lushness of the land. It was such a special time. I left feeling so deeply fulfilled and full of love. This was one of the most special experiences of my 2016 year. Thank you for the love and kindness, Linda.