Celebrating My Dads Birthday at Stedsans CleanSimpleLocal


One of the most exciting things happening in my life right now is that my Dad is visiting Copenhagen. He traveled here all the way from San Francisco and it makes me feel so special that he made the effort to come visit Denmark. He's here for a week and I planned the raddest list of activities for us. I'm not into typical tourism at all. When I travel, I like to sit at local cafés, eat at amazing restaurants, wander around pretty streets and meet all sorts of people. And this is exactly how I wanted to show my dad Copenhagen. In the past three days that he has been here we've picnicked by the sea, went for a swim, drank spritz and gin and tonics with all the hipsters in Vesterbrø, did the chef's tasting at PONY, broke my dads late-night kebab eating v. card, bought him two pairs of Stan Smiths from Keyoto to fit in with the local style, have had breakfast and coffee at my favorite spot RIST Kaffe Bar (two days in a row) and last night we dined at the Stedsans Rooftop Garden. As you may know, I'm absolutely crazy about Stedsans. I knew my dad would be as well. It was actually my birthday present to him! He's turning, um, "40" this week. At least that's what we say. It was such a beautiful night filled with amazing food, wine and great company. We loved it and ended up staying up on the rooftop until midnight and then biked home tipsy from wine and bellies filled with amazing food. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our night celebrating.