Blog and Life Updates

I’ve mentioned small bits and pieces on my blog and instagram about how my Soul Trip to Copenhagen changed my life. If you have the chance to travel solo, I highly suggest it. Traveling changes you. You gain perspective. You see that there are more styles of living than you could possibly ever imagine. My trip radically shifted my perspective on life and inspired me to take action to create change. Today I’m sharing some big blog and life updates that are happening right now on the blog and how my life will be drastically changing in a few months. Eeeeek! 


For months and months I have been contemplating an instagram name change. I started my instagram (previously @aipxwhole30) to track my meals when I embarked on the autoimmune protocol diet as a way to treat and manage my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Over the course of one year, I gained a lovely following of holistically minded people—many of whom I have connected with in real life and love deeply. Over the course of the year, I also made great progress in healing my leaky gut and many of my autoimmune symptoms. I have more recently been able to reintroduce many foods back into my diet and am no longer following the strictest version of AIP. However, I did learn so much from the diet and how to heal through food and thus much of my diet is still in alignment with the principles of the autoimmune protocol (ex. nutrient-density, fermented foods, eating all the plants.) As I started evolving my diet out of AIP, I felt like I couldn’t share the new foods I was introducing because my instagram username was so specific. I felt like I couldn’t post anything that wasn’t AIP or Whole30 friendly. That’s why I changed my instagram username to @itsme.charlotte, which is obviously more in line with my brand. While I've been questioning whether or not it was the right decision to continue building my brand as It's me, Charlotte, I have decided that it's the perfect name for my website. The name allows me to grow and evolve as I will over the next few years and doesn't lock me into any certain niche other than the one I have defined as my own—a holistic lifestyle blog celebrating vibrant living.


New website design! Do you love it!? I do! I'm literally obsessed with the new hand-lettered logo my good friend and creative force Brittany of Pine + Fawn created for me. If you need any watercolor or design work done, she's your girl. I switched up my branding in order to better reflect my blog as a holistic lifestyle blog. I felt like the fruit watercolor I previously had made my blog very food centric and a bit messy. Plus, I was very inspired by the black + white vibes of Scandinavia. Aside from a change in design, I am also switching the focus of my blog a bit. As I evolve as a human, so will this blog. I am very much moving away from discussing my autoimmunity because I have broken up with my illness and don't really want it to be a big focus in my life at this time. However, I will still be blogging about health in the framework of vibrant living, healthy food, travel and female entrepreneurship. Awesome, right? I have loved all of your feedback via emails and comments and it seems like the content that you resonate with most are the lifestyle blog posts. I’m physched to create that content and it’s my favorite to produce too.


When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, I let it consume me. I let it control all aspects of my life. In Copenhagen, I broke up with my illness. I left it behind me. I stopped letting it control my life. I think a big part of breaking up with my illness was acceptance. I accepted that this was a situation I would have to deal with and manage for the rest of my life. And I’m totally okay with that. I realized that whether you are autoimmune or not, there will be days when you feel fabulous and days when you don’t—and guess what? That’s ok! That is life! I’m so down to ride the waves. Eating healthy foods, sleeping well, exercising and managing my stress helps me smooth out those waves a bit. But I am fully prepared for some parts of my life where I may have to deal with flares. But I’m not going to let fear around that control my life or keep me from doing things I’m passionate about.


Okay, this is the last and biggest change that is happening in the near future. Traveling opened my eyes. It literally transformed who I am at my deepest core. I fell in love with exploring new cultures and meeting people different from myself and own culture.

I moved to Portland last January. Since then, it has felt uber temporary. I haven’t felt settled. I love Portland, but after 6+ years in Oregon, it’s time for me to leave. On November 30th, I will be leaving the comfort of the West Coast—the place that has been my home for the last 23 years and I will be embarking on life as a digital nomad. I’M SO EXCITED. And I’m even more excited to share the journey with you. I’m literally packing a bag and going. I’m financing this in a variety of ways, which I’ll discuss in a different blog post. My first stop will be Denmark as it feels like home to me. I am so in love with Copenhagen and I am planning on spending 6-8 weeks there before heading off to SE Asia—Bali to be exact. Right now, those are my only plans. After that, I will let the Universe guide me wherever it wants. My digital nomad experience will focus heavily on slow travel. I will not be bopping around city to city. I will pick one place and stay there for a while, renting an apartment, and getting intimate with the place. I prefer to really soak in a culture. Along the way, I will be sharing my travels with you (especially focusing on how to stay healthy while traveling!) So November 30th (plane ticket is booked!) I say see ya later to the United States and embark on my international nomad experience with wide eyes and an open heart. Stay tuned.

WOW—so many insane updates, right? I’ll probably expand on these topics more, but for now, I wanted to share all of this with you, my lovely readers, friends and supporters. I love you all so much. I’m so excited to be blogging more and sharing a more intimate look into my life experiences via this blog.