Farm to Table Dining at Copenhagen's Amass Restaurant


While my dad was in Copenhagen visiting me, we celebrated his birthday by dining at AMASS Restaurant, an amazing farm to table fine dining experience located just a boats ride from the center of Copenhagen. I went to AMASS a few weeks ago for a big event called Pig Out, where they hosted a ton of amazing restaurants for a big pig roast. They have this gorgeous overgrown and very non-pretentious organic garden where they grow a lot of vegetables and herbs that they use in their food and I just knew my dad would love it so I decided that's where we would spend his birthday. AMASS is a fine dining experience offering seasonal and local new Nordic fare. The whole experience was truly amazing. We went with the seven course menu with the wine pairing. All the food was mind-blowingly amazing. I'm totally new to the world of fine dining, but I've got to say, it's pretty swell. I love doing tasting menus with 7-10 courses because you get such a divine and perfectly proportioned taste of extremely rich and beautiful food made with so much thought, love and care. And so very interestingly, all the tasting menus I've experienced at fine dining restaurants have either been naturally gluten-free or extremely accommodating of a gluten-free diet. My dad and I had such a fantastic time at AMASS. The food was gorgeous and delicious. We were able to take the opportunity to have a really intellectual conversation about food—a topic that we both love to discuss and engage with. I loved every single dish and couldn't possibly pick a favorite. They all built on each other so beautifully. We took the water bus from the Royal Library in Copenhagen, which really made the whole experience feel complete. I highly recommend you try out AMASS if you can. I can't wait to go back.