A Few Notes on Being Sick While Abroad


Last week I came down with a virus. The most brutal and mean virus I think I've ever experienced. I'm pretty sure that every year in June I come down with something. I think it comes from the change of season. It always comes right when the weather warms and the pollen count is high. It almost always happens right around my birthday. So I guess this year it's right on time. Generally it comes and goes. It's brutal, for sure, but I cry and sleep and get hugs from family and it passes. This year is a little different. As you know, I'm here in Denmark. And being sick, like really sick, in a foreign country away from family is pretty hard. I thought I hit the climax of this virus last night when I found myself sobbing to a pharmacist at the only 24-hour pharmacy in Copenhagen at 2:30am basically begging her to just give me all the drugs. But then this morning happened. I wandered back to my doctor's office early this morning, with very little sleep, begging for more answers than just a virus and the advice that I need to sleep and have tea with honey (seriously yesterday I used nearly a half of a bottle of honey in efforts to sooth my raw throat.) So then, he ran a full blood panel, like nothing I had ever seen. 14 vials of blood later and I found myself woozy, feeling sick and wobbling to the nearest chair to lie down. I've never experienced anything like that but I passed out. And then woke up on the doctor's table. And then ran to the bathroom sobbing. It's not fun being sick in a foreign country, I tell you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the worst is over. That this too shall pass. Because I know it will. And this weekend is my birthday weekend and I'd really like to celebrate my 24th year with a fresh face and throat that is not this sore. So I returned from the doctor, made myself a nice big smoothie full of vitamin c and other healthy things, showered, put some real clothes on and took myself to my favorite coffee shop, RIST Kaffebar, right around the corner to my house. Don't worry, I'm not coughing on anyone. But getting out is helpful. Coffee always helps too. I've also just been fully returning to the fundamentals of healing and allowing myself the time my body needs to rest and repair. So please, if you would, send me some healing vibes. I can use all that I can get right now. Tusind Tak, friends. That means one thousand thanks.