Why Filtered Water is Important For Your Health

why filtered water is important for your health

Water is LIFE. We know this but do we take action to make sure that we are drinking the purest water possible? The simple task of switching to a Berkey Water Filter changed my health and in turn, my life!

If I have ever shared my personal health journey with you, I've likely shared my enthusiasm and LOVE for the Berkey Water Filter. It's something  I can't live without. This is a link to the one I purchased—the Big Berkey with two charcoal filters and two fluoride filters. The Berkey literally changed my life and health and I credit it as one of the three things I changed that had the biggest impact on reclaiming my health and immune system. The Berkey Water Filter is actually a water purifier—removing 100% of pathogens in water to give you the cleanest and most amazing water that will improve your health immediately. It also TASTES amazing. I seriously can't believe how messed up our water systems in the United States is. Water from our water system is filled with so many chemicals; if you're not filtering water your basically drinking pool water (hello high levels of chlorine and fluoride and other things that you should not be ingesting.) Yes, this even applies to people whose cities claim they're not adding anything to the water; unfortunately, they still do. I can taste it—can't you!? And for a long time, I FELT off—almost like I didn't ever feel properly hydrated. I had Hashimoto's and a multitude of other health problems and changing my water source to 100% purified water or spring water changed my health for the better in 2016. I can't tell you how many of my chronic health problems quickly disappeared. My skin was especially receptive to this as well as my teeth and overall feeling in my body. Removing chemicals from the water I drink has been an integral part of my health regime. Because I travel so much for work, I often bring my Berkey (I love this travel Berkey) or I commit to drinking 100% spring water in glass bottles that I can usually find at health food stores. This might seem extreme to some of you, but changing my water source to exclusively purified water had such a huge impact on my body and health that I can't sing the praises of the Berkey enough. You need to change out the filters every year or so, which makes this water filter affordable and a long lasting investment to your health. I love it and I know you will too. If you're dealing with any sort of chronic health issues or even long standing problem skin, the Berkey is one of the simplest ways of making a big impact very quickly. I bought my Berkey from Amazon because they have amazing deals on getting fluoride filters for free along with the two charcoal filters. Even though the city I live in claims they don't use fluoride, my intuition tells me something different so I utilize these extra fluoride filters as fluoride can be a trigger for thyroid issues. I have both the Travel and Big Berkey—for home use for 1-2 people, I definitely recommend the Big Berkey, which requires about one fill per day. 

The Big Berkey Water Filter with Two Fluroide Filters and Two Black Element Filters