Winter Capsule Wardrobe Update

winter capsule update Almost exactly a week ago I shared my winter travel capsule wardrobe with you guys. I seriously love experimenting with the capsule wardrobe concept and sharing my experience and findings here on it's me, charlotte. I've been capsuling for about a year and every season I learn something new. As you know, my current capsule only has twenty-four items in it—shoes and accessories included. I totally thought I'd be set for Copenhagen. Well, it turns out, it's a little colder here then I anticipated. OK, fine. It's frigid! And my wardrobe was not prepared for the level of frigidness. So what's a capsule girl to do? Break the rules, obviously!

I love making mistakes and learning from them. And this whole capsule thing is a total experiment and I make mistakes and learn from them every single season. Every season. Like that one time that I thought ripped denim would be okay in the winter. Wrong. Or that other time that I forgot to include a pair of shorts in my capsule over the summer. Yeah, oops. My learning lesson this time? Well, I didn't anticipate Copenhagen would be as cold as it is. So for the first week, I suffered. Cold fingers. Cold toes. COLD BODY. While the temperature here is somewhat similar to Portland, Copenhagen has this wicked chill factor. When it is forty degrees outside, it feels like twenty-five. It must have something to with the humidity of the air, or lack there of? I really have no idea. All I know is it is cold. Also, Copenhagen is notorious for blustering and wicked wind—so when your riding on a bike like a local, and it's a wintery day and the wind is blowing against you, it is freezing. And I did not prepare accordingly.

One of the mistakes of this season was having an abundance of jackets, but not one that "did it all." I had my bear coat, my leather jacket, a blazer coat, but what I was missing was a wool coat that I could throw on over anything that would keep me super warm. So I broke the rules (yes!) and went and bought the things I needed like this, basic black wool coat from my favorite store, Zara. Fur collar and all, it's functional AND chic. I feel like I could honestly ditch all my other coats and just use this one. I also realized that jeans are not quite enough here. Yeah, seriously. I've been wearing tights under my jeans, but when I spotted these faux leather biker pants. Well? I mean, how could you blame me, really? HAD TO HAVE THEM. They are the most badass pair of pants I've ever put on. And the best part is they offer crazy insulation and warmth. The cold wind can't get through these babies. I also got two basic, uber chunky knits. Absolutely necessary. Having one sweater in my capsule wasn't cutting it. That one sweater got old reaaaaal fast. Not to mention I just got bored as, well, you know, from having one dark blue sweater to wear. SO I got a fabulous grey and amazing chunky oatmeal sweater to keep me super crazy warm. And lastly, for those cold bike rides, I got an amazing light grey blanket scarf from COS, which is a french boutique style shop. This scarf is a game-changer. It's so chic. So cozy. And keeps me insanely warm while biking around Copenhagen.


wool coat // leather pants // bell sleeve knit // turtle knit // blanket scarf 

So now, I feel very much set for this cold weather. As you can see, by the items I added to my capsule, I've got two different outfits here depending on which sweater I choose to wear. I've been throwing a great white-tee under the sweater and I'm ready to rock n' roll. Literally though when wearing those leather pants.

So there you have it. Just a little update on how I make adjustments to my capsule when something's not working. Xo!