The Perfect Computer Case

byrd and belle computer caseAs I get ready for my travels, I've been keeping with my capsule mentality but have extended that to basically all of my belongings that I will be bringing with me (clothes, makeup, electronics, shoes.) I've also been keeping in mind some of the concepts I learned from Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up like only keeping things, or in this situation, packing things that bring me joy and are functional. The whole process of packing for my travels has been challenging and fun because I have very limited space so I can only bring the absolute necessities with me and things I truly love and will use over and over again.

my new computer caseI got a killer flight deal on Norwegian Air from San Francisco to Copenhagen, but it only allows me a a carry-on and a personal item. I could totally technically check something, but I'm kind of up for the challenge. I love the idea of minimalist travel. I will be packing all my stuff in a carry-on suitcase and this Madewell Weekend Transport, which I'm literally obsessed with! I figure, if I need something, I'll just get it while I'm over there. Anyways, that was a big old rant to tell you that finally, just weeks before my travel, I finally, found the PERFECT computer case. I love my computer, it's my life force because it's where I do all my work. For the past year or so I've been using the most HEINOUS computer case. Literally, the case had Hawaiian flowers and army green and it was just a major no. I bought it with the intention of protecting my computer until I found a case I absolutely loved but of course that took longer than anticipated. So before heading abroad, something I absolutely had to do was get a functional and visually attractive computer case that was thinner and less clunky than the one I was using. So of course, I headed to Etsy where I found Byrd and Belle  and finally found the laptop case of my dreams. Grey, felt, minimalistic design and incredibly functional. Angie is based out of Minneapolis, which is a total creative hot spot where tons of awesome handmade products are being produced. I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY NEW CASE. This isn't a sponsored post. I simply purchased this case with my own money, patiently waited for it to arrive, fell in love with the design and functionality and wanted to share my excitement with you. Although, I did reach out to the sweet Angie to ask if she'd be down to contribute one case to a lucky winner and she delightfully agreed. I'm running this giveaway on my Instagram account. For future reference, would you let me know if you'd prefer giveaways be hosted on the blog (ie. you would leave a comment!) Thank you! 


PS. the bag in the first picture is my beloved black leather bucket bag from Sseko Designs and the Marble Skin on my laptop is by Uniqfind