Summer Picnic with 42Raw, Klix Communications and Copenhagen Bloggers

Gosh, sometimes a little girl time in the park is all you need. Today I was invited to the loveliest picnic by my sweet friend Camilla of Copenhagen By Me. She texted me a few hours before the event to see if I wanted to come—and so perfect that she did as I'm a very spontaneous person and hate making plans any earlier than day-of (so not very Danish of me!) The event was a little press picnic to celebrate summer with 42Raw, Copenhagen's best quick and healthy food option offering amazing gluten-free and dairy-free, as well as vegetarian fare, for when you're on the go or want something healthy but don't feel like cooking. I got to meet the amazing CEO and Founder today, Jesper Rydahl, and definitely gushed to him about how I ate at 42Raw basically every day I was in Copenhagen last summer. Um, the avocado pesto sandwich anyone? Yes. Definitely go ahead and try that as soon as possible. Anyways, this picnic was such a wonderful Wednesday afternoon event. I enjoyed the hot weather in Copenhagen with some seriously amazing bloggers and instagrammers. I was totally smitten to be included. I really love the blogging world and am feeling so grateful to be welcomed into the Copenhagen bloggers scene with wide arms and full hearts. We were totally spoiled with so much green food goodness like green smoothies, salads with extra avocado, iced matcha lattes and raw bounty bars. Was amazing. And as usual after these kind of events, I left with a completely lifted mood. If you want to check out my new friends, you can find them tagged on my latest instagram photo here. And if you're traveling to Copenhagen, I'd definitely suggest swinging by 42Raw and getting an avocado sandwich, a matcha latte and some sort of glorious raw treat because, well, dessert is the best.