Natural Makeup Routine — Fall 2015

Anddddd it's time for another round of my toxin-free and natural makeup routine — fall 2015 edition. I received tons of positive feedback when I did this last Spring (see here) and will plan to do one of these posts each season. Basically, this is post all about me breaking down what I'm using on my face when I put makeup on; I share everything from what I do to prep before, what products I'm using and loving and how I remove my makeup and take care of my skin after. Almost all of the products I share are gluten-free and crap-free, although, as you'll read, there is one product I use that I love and can't part ways with that isn't totally toxin-free. So, that being said, let's get to it. I love makeup. I think it's so fun. And living a natural and healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you can't use makeup. It just means you should try to seek out brands that are conscious about what they are putting in their products. Here's how I'm making myself pretty this fall (jokes friends!) you don't have to wear makeup to feel or be pretty, but it can help!

Before I apply any makeup, I always start by using an Acure Unscented Argan Oil Cleansing Towlette. I love these because they remove any dirt you may have on your skin prior to applying—it's all about having a clean slate (aka clean face.) Next, I use my favorite Luminance Pure Rosewater Toner—I just spritz it on some cotton pads and gently wipe my face. I love this stuff because it smells amazing and helps tone and hydrate my face. Following the toner, I use Luminance's Nourishing Facial Serum. I love this because it is super light but still keeps my very dry skin smooth and hydrated.

After my skin is clean and moisturized, I start by applying ILIA Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. To say I love this stuff would be an understatement. This product has been a strong hold since my last post on my beauty routine; I love it because it provides light coverage, has an SPF included and goes on like velvet. Seriously. Most tinted moisturizers or concealers make me breakout but this one acts just like a moisturizer and I never regret wearing it. During the Summer I was using the color Ramla Bay T4 but now that the cooler months are approaching and I've lost some color in my skin I've switched to Belle Mare T2. If I'm doing a light application of makeup and not my "full face," this is something that is always included in my 5-minute makeup look because it provides a clean and smooth skin tone.

Next, I apply spot concealers. I start with Jane Iredale's Under-Eye Concelear in Active Light. I first found out about Jane Iredale via my friend Hayley of Primal Palate and have loved the line ever since. The products are super clean, toxin-free and perform like luxury products. After applying under-eye concealer, I use RMS "un" cover up in 22 on any spots that need coverage. When I don't have any spots that need coverage, I don't use it. When applying this, I use my index and pointer finger to apply and blend by simply tapping, not smearing. RMS takes some time to get use to, but it's so worth it. And most of the products are coconut-oil based. They are amazing and super clean.

Once my base face is set, I move on to adding some pigment. Last Spring and this Summer I was using RMS Lip2Cheek Smile on my cheeks, which is perfect for the warmer months, but transitioning into Fall I wanted something a little warmer with more glow, so I've switched to using RMS Lip2Cheek in Promise. Again, these are applied by using your middle and index finger; tap the product into your skin until it blends well—don't smear. I love the warm color this gives. While I was using W3LL PEOPLE Bio Bronzer over the Summer, I'm not anymore, as the RMS Lip2Cheek in Promise does the trick of a bronzer and blush in one. However, for a little extra glow, I go in with Jane Iredale's Bronzing Powder in so-bronze 2. Lastly, to set all of this, I use RMS "Un" Powder, which is an ultra fine reflective powder and nicely absorbs any excess oil.

With my eyes and brows, I like to keep things super simple. Right now, I'm ADDICTED to big and bold brows. Not only do I get my brows waxed and dyed at Treat Salon in Portland, Oregon by Meghan Fisher (who is a brow goddess) I also add extra pop by using Anastasia Beverly Hills brow palette in Blonde. You guys, building up my brows has literally CHANGED MY LIFE. Bold brows are hot and give your face amazing definition. If there was only ONE PRODUCT I could use, this would be it. And that's why I'm totally okay with the fact that it isn't a toxin-free brand. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Can't recommend enough. Because my brows have so much pop, I don't feel the need to wear anything else on my eyes except for mascara. I use Tarte Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara, which is AMAZING and totally toxin/gluten-free. My girl Lauren from Empowered Sustenance even recommends it. I've been super into intense lashes lately so I use a couple of coats on top and then have been doing my lower lashes too, which looks so mod and awesome.

For my lips, I am LITERALLY obsessed with with ILIA Lipstick Crayons. I've been exclusively using the color Red Balloons since August and can't stop. While it definitely gives you a bold red lip, it also has something natural looking about it. I feel like I can really build it on for a night out or do a super light red lip with it that looks uber natural. I also love that it has no shine—it provides a totally matte finish, which I love. This is another product that is part of my 5-minute makeup routine (I should post about this too!) When I'm feeling fancy and am going out, I like to throw a little RMS Living Luminizer on my top lip for a little sexy glow. And that, completes my whole makeup look. When I write it out like this, it seems like a lot, when in reality it takes me about ten minutes from start to finish.

When removing my makeup, I start by using an Acure Unscented Argan Oil Cleansing Towlette wipe. Next I use Luminance's Delicate Facial Cleanser followed by a few spritz of the Luminance Pure Rosewater Toner. Because I generally am taking my makeup off at night, I follow with Luminance Acne Serum and the Hydration Facial Moisturizer.

Lastly, I recently found this brand called Vitruvi, which I am newly obsessed with! They make luxury aromatherapy products made from 100% botanical oils—and boy are the dreamy as F. I am insanely sensitive to scents/perfumes and to be honest, they should be avoided as most perfumes are made with hormone disruptors. I wasn't wearing a scent for a long time because I wanted to avoid the harmful ingredients, but am so psyched I found this awesome brand. I got the "wake" scent in a rollerball, which is just so lovely. I would happily take one of each. Definitely check them out.

And friends, that's a close to what my current natural makeup routine is looking like for this Spring! I hope you enjoyed it and feel inspired to ditch some of your commercial makeup products in exchange for some of these awesome organic and toxin-free brands. Also, if you are in Portland, I love getting all my goodies at Blush Beauty Bar on NW 23rd—great staff and nice variety of organic, natural and gluten-free products.