Lifestyle Branding Session with Wellness Practioner Torea Rodriguez

Torea - Lifestyle Branding Session When you get a text message saying, "maybe we can romp around in the van to fine a good location" all you can say is HELL YES. At least that’s what I did when I got this message from Torea. We were brainstorming about locations and the theme of her Lifestyle Branding Shoot she booked with me for late February. Just hearing the words romp and van in the same sentence and I knew we were bound to have a great time. And my session with her did not disappoint. Torea, is a functional diagnostic nutritional practitioner, #LADYBOSS and adventurous spirit who lives in gorgeous Santa Cruz. You can read more about what she does here. But my impression of T? I think her natural habitat is the great outdoors; it’s clear she is inspired by the beauty of nature. Her spirit and zest for life is contagious. And I adored spending time with her. We actually totally became great friends during our shoot. We even decided to have dinner together after our shoot. And we are already planning a girl’s road trip. We spent our afternoon together adventuring (or shall I say romping) around Santa Cruz in her rad white VW van, Serenity. Yup, her van totally has a name. And her van, well, it’s now my dream van. We took tons of amazing images to help support her business branding. Here are some of my favorite shots. 

Torea - Lifestyle Branding Session Torea - Lifestyle Branding Session Torea-2 Torea-5 Torea-8 Torea-9 Torea-10 Torea - Lifestyle Branding Session Torea-12 Torea-13 Torea-14 Torea-15 Torea-17 Torea-18 Torea-19 Torea-20Torea - Lifestyle Branding Session

I hope this gives those of you who are interested in a lifestyle branding shoot a little taste into what kind of images you will get!