Indoor Plants with Health Benefits

encouraging spring wellness with house plants »

Since moving into a new living space in Portland, I have gotten really into having indoor plants in my house. I started with a fern, then moved on to a couple of succulents, and now have a gorgeous terrarium filled with succulents and air plants that I made at Pistil's Nursery in NE Portland. I have felt an intense sense of improved wellness since having the plants in my home. Their lush and vibrant energy brings me peace of mind and clarity. I wanted to explore the connection between indoor plants and wellness a bit more, so I met up with a lovely lady named Camille to learn more about the indoor plants with health benefits. Camille is a total badass and heads the fun workshops and events hosted at Pistil's Nursery. Her education in botany began in urban rooftop gardens and city farms of Brooklyn, NYC; she then went on to Rio De Janeiro where she contributed her passion to a community based permaculture project. Sound pretty awesome, right? She now lives in Portland, Oregon, and uses her background in fashion design to inspire her work in gardens.

encouraging spring wellness with house plants » itsmecharlotte.comencouraging spring wellness with house plants » itsmecharlotte.comencouraging spring wellness with house plants » itsmecharlotte.comencouraging spring wellness with house plants »

encouraging spring wellness with house plants »

The Impact of Plants on Wellness: 

Do you have plants in your home? Have you considered it? Here's why plants are a great addition to a healthy home...

Plants are readily cleaning the air and turning over oxygen—it's just what they do. This is awesome because according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollutants are among the top five environmental risks to public health. Things like toxic furniture materials, cleaning products and lack of consistent air flow can all contribute to increased indoor air pollution. The good news? Plants act as an air purifier and can help rid of toxic air build up in your home. Some plants are faster at doing this than others. One example of a plant that is really fast at turning over oxygen efficiently is the Sansevieria plant, also known as the Snake Plant. An added bonus is that they are super easy to maintain and keep alive. The Snake Plant requires minimal light and only needs to be watered once a month. This kind of plant is perfect for those of you who want the air purifying qualities  without a huge time commitment. I personally love the look of the minimalist Snake Plant.

Another aspect of plants and how the can contribute to improved wellness is how they impact the energy of the environment you live in. Having plants that make your home feel very lush can help brighten up the design of a space. For this, Camille recommends the Split-Leaf Philodendron. This is one of my favorite indoor house plants and it is totally the next plant on my list. They have a super beautiful look and go nicely with super minimalistic aesthetics. They are also super self-sufficient and don't need to much attention. Sounds like the perfect plant, right? I think so. The Monstera Obliqua or the Monstera Deliciosa are two varieties of the Split-Leaf Philodendron. Both are totally beautiful.

Camille suggested that a great place to start for beginning's is with the Split-Leaf Philodendron or the Snake plant. However, another route to take, if you want to try your hand at growing your own plants, would be to start with a small culinary herb garden. The nice thing about herbs is that you can get involved in the growing process, which can be therapeutic. Also, the reward of eating something that you have grown can't be ignored. For beginner's, Camille suggests 'starts', which are seeds that have already sprouting. Herb gardens are definitely more seasonal, but if you have a spot in your home with sun year-round, there is definite potential to keep the herbs growing year-round.

With Spring right around the corner, I asked Camille about the best plants for welcoming the sunshine. Camille explained that almost all house plants will do well year-round, so when Spring comes around, it is a great idea to plant outside, if at all possible. Starting with a plant with really beautiful blossoms is a lovely thing to do for spring.

My takeaway was that indoor plants can contribute to improved vibrancy and life in your home. Having just a bit of extra life in your living space can  add to an improved sense of wellness, in general. I think my next plant purchases will include some culinary herb 'starts' and a Split-Leaf Philodendron.