How to Host a Moon Gathering + A Recipe for Raw Carob Cups

how to host a moon gatheringOne of my favorite memories of living in Portland was when one of my best friends Maggie and I would host monthly moon gatherings. Maggie and I had an instant connection when we met in the Spring of 2015 and bonded over a mutual love for exploring our own paths of spirituality and connectedness. This lead us to host monthly moon gatherings as a way to build community and make spiritual exploration accessible to women in the Portland community.

These gatherings would commence on the night of the full moon each month and we would come together, celebrating the moon in all of it bright and beautiful glory. We'd break out all of our favorite modalities for connecting with the universe and our friends: smudge sticks, essential oils, raw treats, sparkling water, incense, comfy blankets, crystals and so on. These moon gatherings will forever we one of the memories I hold closest from my time in Portland. I absolutely plan to host moon gatherings again the future, but until then, I wanted to share some of my advice on how to host a moon gathering of your own. how to host a moon gatheringSo here's where how to actually host a moon gathering:

First, keep up to date with when the full moon is each month—a quick google search will let you know when the next full moon is. I like to mark the dates of full moons on my google calendar so a full moon doesn't casually slip by without me realizing. Next, decide on where you'd like to host a gathering. During the summer months we hosted larger moon gatherings at parks. During the cooler months we kept our gatherings a bit smaller and held them at one of our houses. Once you've figuring out when the full moon is and where you're going to host it, invite some people. Maybe it will just be you and your best friend, maybe you and your group of friends, or maybe you extend the invite to your social media friends. It could even just be you. Solo moon gatherings anyone? Super rad. I've done all of the mentioned and I'm not going to lie, my favorite has been extending the invite to my Instagram community.

I like to be super casual about moon gatherings. On the day of the gathering, I generally do a little google research on the moon and read up on one of my favorite sites, Mystic Mama, so I know about the moon and its significance that month. Please know that we are ALL learning and so it's absolutely okay to read up on these sites, and then interpret the information in whatever way is applicable to your life. After doing a little research on the moon, I generally pick a theme that resonates with its significance to be a focus for the gathering. Themes could be anything like release, love, healing, growth, etc.

how to host a moon gatheringOnce I've got my theme and some background about the moon, I move on to the fun part. I bring out all my healing and spiritual modalities like crystals, smudge sticks, incense, essential oils, candles and tarot cards, journals and cozy blankets. I usually put them all in a vintage wooden crate, and then my moon gathering ladies and I will create a little ceremonial alter together as the first bonding activity of our moon gathering. We will light candles, burn incense, bless crystals, set out the tarot cards, etc. Then we kind of just move into the moon ceremony—one of us generally opens by talking about the significance of the moon that month, we discuss the theme and everyone shares the hardships and joys of their month, what they want to focus on the next month and so on. We all generally just offer support and love and understanding. We might play with a deck of tarot cards, smudge the space, whip out our trusty guide to understanding crystals to figure out which ones may support us best that month while discussing the theme. With moon gatherings, it is all about experimenting, connecting and just holding space together. It doesn't have to be planned out, in fact, it's best when you just let it flow as it may.

During our moon gatherings, we always, always provide drinks in the form of tea, kombucha or sparkling water as well as raw treats. Below, I am sharing my five-minute recipe for a raw dessert to share with your fellow moon babes when hosting or attending a moon gathering. Healthy, raw treats, in my opinion, are essential at moon gatherings. The raw carob cup recipe I am sharing with you are beyond easy to make. I usually whip them up last-minute. They are totally divine and guilt-free because they are made without sugar and use nutrient-dense coconut oil. Other desserts I recommend are these Nutella Haystacks or these Matcha Macaroons.

And there you have it! That's how you host a moon gathering. As you can see, it's really about experimenting, connecting, opening your heart and simply holding space with people in your community. I highly suggest you try a moon ceremony!how to host a moon gathering

Raw Carob Cups
Author: Charlotte
Prep time:
Total time:
  • 1 cup [url href="" target="_blank"]toasted carob powder[/url]
  • 1 cup [url href="" target="_blank"]extra virgin coconut oil[/url]
  • 1 teaspoon [url href="" target="_blank"]vanilla extract[/url]
  • 1 pinch [url href="" target="_blank"]maldon sea salt[/url]
  • optional: 3-5 drops [url href="" target="_blank"]stevia[/url]
  1. Melt coconut oil by using a microwave or by placing the jar in a bowl of very hot water until it melts. Then combine all ingredients, using a whisk to make sure all clumps are gone. Pour into mini baking cups and refrigerate until solid. Once firm, I like to sprinkle a flake or two of maldon, but that is optional!


how to host a moon gathering

Do you celebrate the beauty of the moon each month? I encourage all of you to hold moon ceremonies or gatherings as a way to connect with the universe, the energy of the earth and as a way to connect with your feminine fire!