Healthy Travel Snacks

healthy travel snacksToday, in celebration of the beginning of my #digitalnomadexperience and the fact that I'm taking a flight from San Francisco to Copenhagen tonight, I'm sharing my favorite healthy travel snacks. Eating plane food is just not an option for me. It's basically frankenfood (not real food) and it honestly scares me. Over salted, tons of gluten, under flavored—no thanks. I would much rather fast or bring my own food/snacks. While I'm traveling I like to keep it high protein and low sugar because I find this keeps my munching-due-to-boredom minimized. You'll find my favorite snacks below.

EPIC BARS // my number one snack of choice because they are high in protein and thus keep me satiated without sugar cravings. I basically only like (LOVE) the bison-cranberry epic bar; okay, fine, I like the turkey one too. I actually buy these in a 32 pack box via Amazon because they are fantastic to have on hand. I suggest starting with a sampler pack to see which flavor you like best.

CANNED FISH // again, another protein packed snack option. I love boneless, skinless sardines in olive oil. Yes, seriously. It is just like tuna but a bit more moist and flavorful. Please only eat wild-caught sustainable fish! Tuna is my second option but it's a bit too dry to eat alone in my opinion. I love wild planet brand tuna.

DELI MEATS // more protein. I like to buy either Applegate brand turkey breast or prosciutto. I usually eat these along side a sliced apple.

FRESH FRUIT // the hard fruits that won't squish. I always like to bring an apple or two on long flights. I find that the fiber in apples helps to keep me feeling full and satiated. Bananas, berries and oranges are great to but be careful of them getting squished in your bag.

NUT BUTTER PACKS // small, one serving packs of nut butter or coconut butter can be great for long flights and travel in general because the fats will help keep you satiated. I love Justin's nut butter packs - I normally eat them with an apple or other fruit.

GRAIN-FREE BARS // there are tons of fabulous grain-free and gluten-free bars out there like Kit's Organic Bars, Simple Squares, or Crobars. Generally they have a decent amount of sugar, but they are great in a pinch. Better safe than sorry, right? I like to keep a couple of these on hand.

RAW VEGGIES // if your the 'snacker' type and enjoy munching on things, especially when bored, fresh crudités might be a good option for you. Pack a baggie or tupperware with carrots, snow peas, sliced cucumber and any other raw veggies you enjoy. Happy munching.

DRIED FRUITS // not my first choice because dried fruit generally packs a major sugar punch. This is kind of a last resort. I will occasionally bring a one serving size of dried fruit. Coconut chips are a fabulous option though because they have the healthy fat to balance the sugar (I like Dang's coconut chips!) Also, plantain chips, which are low in sugar, but harder to pack because they can easily get smashed.

I find these snacks to be the perfect travel companions. What's your favorite travel snack? Did I miss anything?