Where to Eat Gluten Free in Copenhagen

Where to eat gluten free in Copenhagen Denmark has gotten a lot of press recently about its booming artisan food culture. And with good reason! The food scene is poppin' in Copenhagen with farm to table style restaurants, endless food carts, and not to mention NOMA—a restaurant that is recognized as one of the best in the world. You know what else is rad about the Copenhagen food scene? It's insanely gluten-free friendly. It's one of the many reasons why I chose it as my destination for my Soul Trip last summer. The danes are very health conscious in general and have embraced gluten-free (glutenfri in Danish) eating with wide arms and full hearts. I think it's even more GF friendly than some of the most health conscious cities in the United States. While I was over there, it was my personal mission to find all the best places to eat clean. I'm super into travel destinations that allow you to maintain your healthy lifestyle—and I will be sharing a lot of content on healthy travel while I embark on my new digital nomad lifestyle this coming December. Until then, here is a curated list of where to eat in gluten free in Copenhagen, many of which have dairy-free options as well. Cheers to staying healthy while traveling!!


Where to eat gluten free in Copenhagen

Coffee Collective—definitely my favorite place to enjoy a cup of coffee. There are three locations: Frederiksburg, Jægersborggade and a small booth at Torvehallerne. I definitely suggest going to the Frederiksburg one, as it is the coziest location. All of the coffee is absolutely delicious and brewed to perfection; I especially loved the 'esmeralda.'  Don't miss their house-made coconut yoghurt with marcona almonds and cascara syrup. It is so divine. (Pictured)

Atelier September—a popular destination for Instagrammers because the interior is super nice with great Scandinavian vibes. They are not particularly gluten free friendly but they have great juice, matcha, tea and coffee. If you're not gluten free, they have avocado toast served on classic Danish bread.


Where to eat gluten free in Copenhagen

Raw & Rustic—located where Fredericksburg meets Vesterbro. It is a super high vibe health cafe with great juices, smoothies and loads of gluten-free baked goods, sandwiches and raw cakes. It is connected to a health food market called Urtehuset, which has great specialty groceries and loads of 'natural' beauty and hygiene products. I highly suggest picking up a green juice and a Danish 'rum ball' or slice of raw cake here. They also have wifi so I liked going their to check my phone and have a snack. 

Juicy—this is a yummy, hole-in-the-wall juice shop located in Vesterbro. It's the kind of place you pop into quickly while strolling around the neighborhood. Their menu is small but mighty. They serve what might be Copenhagen's national juice: spinach, apple, avocado and lemon. 

Palaeo—do you eat paleo? Perfect, because Copenhagen has a chain of paleo cafés located around the city. They serve curries, salads and egg wraps plus a variety of juices and smoothies. As someone who eats paleo, I was very excited about this, but to be honest, it's very basic and kind of standard. Try it once or twice in a pinch but nothing to lose your shit over. I liked the chicken curry. 

Vitaboost—located in Torvehallerne, this place is the bomb. It is super quick and easy. They serve DELICIOUS gluten-free flatbread sandwiches and smoothies. I was definitely a regular here. I loved the prosciutto, arugula, avocado flatbread with grainy mustard. So perfect. Definitely don't miss this place. They also have a cart at the Island Brygge food cart pod. 

GRØD—they serve delicious porridges. The options for GF people are slim but mighty. For example, they have a gluten free and dairy free asparagus risotto with lemon oil and a standard gluten free breakfast porridge made with quinoa with endless options for toppings.  I loved the Nørrebro location. (Pictured)

42raw—they have good and quick raw/vegetarian food. Almost always located next to Palaeo around town. They have super yummy desserts. Like Palaeo, nothing super special but a great option for a healthy meal in a pinch.


Where to eat gluten free in CopenhagenNice Cream—VEGAN/GLUTEN FREE popsicles and ice cream sandwiches. SO delicious. This small shop in Nørrebro is owned by two Icelandic guys with a passion for clean eating. Don't miss this. I loved the matcha mint ice pop. (Pictured)

Social Foodies—cute little ice cream in Nørrebro with amazing avocado/apple/lemon green juice ice cream and the best 95% dark chocolate you can find in Europe, in my opinion. Also, if you can do grains, DO NOT SKIP THE CHOCOLATE DIPPED MUSELI BAR. It is made with certified gluten free oats and is so delicious. 


Where to eat gluten free in Copenhagen

Papirøen Copenhagen Street Food—an awesome food cart scene on Paper Island. They have between 20-30 carts located there and it always seems to be a party over there. They have loads of carts that are GF friendly. I personally loved Latienda, which served delicious vegetarian South American cuisine. I highly suggest the tostones (fried plantains!)

Hija de Sanchez—located at Torvehallerne, they make the best tacos in Copenhagen. This food truck was founded by an ex-NOMA chef. That is saying a lot! The menu is very small. They usually only have three taco options per day but they all are generally awesome. (Pictured)

Zapata Mexican Grill / TacoPop—INCREDIBLE tacos made by three Mexicans living in Copenhagen. They serve authentic Mexican food inspired by the recipes that have been passed down generations in their families. Definitely do not miss these. Eating these tacos (with an incredibly thick fluffy tortilla) was one of the foodie highlights of my time in Copenhagen. 


Where to eat gluten free in Copenhagen

Botaniq—reminds me a bit of Cafe Gratitude in LA; lots of yummy vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

Sticks n’ Sushi Skybar @ Tivoli Hotel—amazing sushi, good vibes and super luxe on top of tivoli hotel. Perfect date night. Very accommodating for gluten free people.

simpleRAW—awesome, awesome, awesome raw food restaurant with ultra hygge vibes (that basically means super cozy.) This place is open all day, but I loved going at night because it was so warm and cozy inside with candles and a killer organic wine menu.

NOMA—if you can get on the list and afford it (nearly $400 per person for a fixed menu!) then definitely go. I've heard they are very accommodating of gluten free people and that most of the food the cook is naturally gluten free.

Stedsans CleanSimpleLocal—I didn't make it here during my trip which is my biggest regret!!! You must book in advance. Only open summer months. It is an incredible rooftop restaurant that shares a space with a rooftop garden farm. The food is, as they say, clean, simple and local and is made using fresh vegetables from rooftop garden ØsterGro. I will absolutely be going during the summer of 2016.


073560_-21Where to eat gluten free in Copenhagen

Torvehallerne—so many amazing places to eat and shop for high-quality artisan food and food products; a must go for foodies. And a great place to meet up with people! This is probably the first place I will return to when I'm back in Copenhagen!

Urtehuset Natural Food Store— fun natural food store; very expensive. 

Naturbagariet—bakery with gluten-free options like an incredible seedy loaf of bread. 

Cleaver’s Meat Market—amazing meat market at Torvehallerne.  Get the wild ramp sausages. All gluten-free. This was a very expensive meat market, but the best I could find in Copenhagen. (Pictured)

As you can see, Copenhagen is a total hub for the healthy foodie. Are you heading there anytime soon? If so, let me know if you end up using this guide!