Food Photography Workshop

cannelle vanilleFor the past couple of years, I have been greatly inspired by the work of Aran Goyoaga, who is a Basque country native living in Seattle. Her blog, Cannelle et Vanille is filled with beauty, a sense of nostalgia for a simpler life and photographs that tell a strong narrative. Over the summer, I just so happened to visit Aran's blog the day she posted about a food photography workshop she would be hosting in Seattle with Leela Cyd. I had been dying to attend one of her workshops for years and they sell out fast, so in a moment of inspiration, I booked a spot for myself in her one-day food styling and photography class... cannelle vanille cannelle vanille cannelle vanille cannelle vanilleWalking into Aran's studio was like entering into her little corner of the world, or better yet, her instagram gallery. Her studio is beyond words. It was bright and white, with pastel accents and the most gorgeous dewey light. I can't even begin to summarize what I learned at the workshop because in all honesty, it was really more about what I saw. Aran and Leela bring so much joy and passion to their work, something that I really resonated with. We watched as they styled and photographed multiple different food scenes. We listened as they told us that it is more than just sharing a recipe, it is about sharing a story. We played with Aran's gorgeous ceramic plates, textiles and a the most lush berries, aged cheeses, herbs, flowers and flakey pastries that we had ever seen. One of the best parts of the workshop was chatting with all the wonderful like-minded people. I came home with a full heart, content with knowing that these are my people. I was surrounded by the very people who get excited about prop styling, low aperature, gorgeous plump heirloom tomatoes and the blogging industry, just like me.  For me, that was really the biggest takeaway. After graduation, which is coming up in less than six weeks, I will be pursuing my passion for all things creative and thus will be doing what I know is right in my heart, and that is to be creative every damn day. It is to follow my dreams, not someone elses. It is to listen to my gut instinct because it has never let me down.

A big thank you to Aran of Cannelle et Vanille and Leela Cyd