Back in Copenhagen and Celebrating with Yelp's Ice Cream Week

CPH Ice Cream Week I'm back in Copenhagen after a truly whimsical and mind-blowing few days in the Faroe Islands. I can't wait to share images and words from my trip. But for now, I'm just slowly moving out of vacation mode and back into real life mode. And the best way I know how to do that? Softening the blow by hanging with friends. Especially when hanging out means jointly celebrating Yelp's Copenhagen Ice Cream Week, which was created by my lovely friend Camilla of Copenhagen By Me. Some of my favorite places in Copenhagen for ice cream and nice cream (the name for dairy-free ice cream or "not ice cream") such as Social Foodies and Nicecream Copenhagen are running amazing deals all week. Today, Camilla and I met up at Nicecream and shared a few delicious popsicles and some of their crazy delicious bowls (the one on the left is a peanut butter Banana Bowl and on the right is a traditional Acai Bowl.) What I love about Nicecream is that it is gluten-free and vegan, boom boom. Not to mention absolutely delicious. I love health-ified treats. Social foodies is a close second favorite and they have amazing dairy based ice creams as well as fruit sorbets and homemade chocolate. Don't worry friends, I went there yesterday and sampled the green smoothie sorbet and salted caramel ice cream. I'm definitely not missing out on this week. Anyways, point is, if you're in Copenhagen, you too can partake in this midsummer ice cream eating fest. Just check out the facebook page I linked to above to find out where you can find the scoop of your dreams. Until then, I'm hoping the ice cream sugar rush fuels me into some major blog writing and updating. Also, coming soon is a new IMC site, which I am so thrilled to share in a few weeks. Sending all of you so much love.