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Luminance Skin Care | Itsmecharlotte.comEver since I dove into the world of gluten-free, toxin-free and green makeup, I have become slightly obsessed with trying out all natural skin products,  hair care and makeup brands. I’ve been having so much fun with it and have discovered some incredible companies along the way. As I discover new brands that I truly love, I will be sure to share them with you. To kick off this post about my favorite new skin care line Luminance Skin Care, I should start by telling you that I have always struggled with my skin—I’ve had bouts of incredibly clear skin and bouts of horrible cystic acne. The latter can be deeply scarring on both a physical and emotional level. For years I searched for answers for clear glowing skin but the truth is, there is no magic product for that. Luminance Skin Care is very upfront about the fact that there products will not clear your skin up if you are not also addressing diet and lifestyle. Right up my alley, folks. When I switched to the paleo diet, my acne cleared up almost immediately. Even more so, when I ditched conventional drugstore products for oil-cleansing, I saw a tremendous transformation in the quality of my skin—it started glowing and was supple. This was the first time I realized that clean, raw and organic products could truly transform skin.

While I found a lot of success with oil-cleansing, I started to tire of it and was looking for new products to try. When my roomate started raving to me about Luminance Skin Care, I knew I had to try it. Kim Rollo Emanuel, founder and creator of LSC has an amazing story that I am incredibly inspired by; he started his company after his wife became increasingly sensitive to synthetic ingredients in personal care products (I know a lot of us here can relate to that) and was unsatisifed with the products on the market. The Luminance line is organic, raw and made with high-quality oils. After using the products for over a month, I can truly say I LOVE them. I've tried out a lot of 'natural' skin-care lines made up of great ingredients—but many of those that I have tried are less than effective and have left an oily residue on my face. LSC products  feel and perform like conventional products but do so without the use of synthetic ingredients. I also have found that they travel very well, unlike the oil-cleansing method. Lastly, I want to tell you that as I am in the process of figuring out the approporiate medication to help manage my Hashimoto's, I have been dealing with emotionally charged cystic acne around my jawline. It has been frusterating and embarassing. While products won't clear this kind of acne up because it is heavily tied to hormones, I have seen a SIGNIFICANT improvement in my acne since I started using these products. I especially love the Acne Serum and the Papaya Enzyme Face Mask. Read on for what products I use and when + five tips for glowing skin via Luminance team member, Elena!

Luminance Skin Care |

The products that I experiemented with include:

Delicate Facial Cleanser: Use morning and night

Pure Rose Water: Use morning and night following face wash or as needed

Acne Serum: Use morning and night following Rose Water Toner

Hydration Face Moisturizer: Use daily in the morning

Non Metallic Sunscreen: Apply in the morning as needed; I like to combine with hydration facial moisturizer

Facial Moisturizer Deep Hydration: Use daily at night

Papaya Enzyme Exfoliating Mask: Use 1-2 times a week

Organic Skin Lotion: Use daily as needed

Clary Sage Frankincense Soap: Use as needed for body or hands

Luminance Skin Care |

Tips for keeping your skin glowing + clear from the Luminance Team:

1) Don't exfoliate or wash your face with anything scratchy. It makes your skin think it's being attacked and it will produce more oils that can clog your pores and lead to break outs.

2) If you have acne eat REAL foods with as many antioxidants as possible all the time. Look up a list of the foods with the most antioxidants and make a point of eating them multiple times a day.

3) If you have Eczema, Acne, or Psoriasis nothing you do externally is going to cure your skin because it's an internal problem. The first thing you need to do is research the connection between your gut and your skin. Learn about what's causing you inflammation and make the changes. There's no silver bullet but you can overcome these skin issues.

4) Eat fresh greens daily. This will truly get your skin glowing. And you may have to cut out some crap if your eating processed food.

5) Go to sleep by 10 pm every night for two weeks and watch your world change. And your skin. The liver plays a huge roll in skin health and your liver needs to cleanse itself and it only does so in a deep sleep after your REM cycle. If you're going to bed late (after 10 pm) you're probably not hitting that sleeping state.

Overall takeaway: I love Luminance Skin Care and plan on being a forever customer as long as the quality of the products remains. I am especially smitten' with the Non Metallic Sunscreen because it is the first effective toxin-free suncscreen I have found that actually works without leaving a white residue. In my next order, I would like to try: the Rose Water Hydration Mask, the Nourishing Serum  and the Skin Butter