A Magical Night a Stedsans ØsterGRO

Stedsans-3 I wanted to share some images from a beautiful evening I had at Stedsans ØsterGRO, which is a stunning rooftop restaurant that is set inside a Scandinavian greenhouse. I've been dreaming of my night at Stedsans since last Summer, when I first found out about the restaurant. Although it feels a little funny calling it a restaurant because it truly is more of an experience. It's a fixed price event with a constantly changing five-course menu that fluctuates with the available produce of the season. The night was grander than I could have imagined in the most low-key and non-pretentious way possible. We ended up having the this sort of unreal-magical evening. Despite coming down rapidly with the flu, it was like for four hours, my body let me have this surreal experience, with incredible people, unbelievably beautiful food and the most magical weather of storming clouds and golden light and a delicate rainbow in the distance. I was able to share the experience with my sweet godmother who was visiting all the way from Central Oregon. We are shooting a farm-to-table cookbook together this fall in collaboration with the ever-lovely Rainshadow Organics Farm, and much of our relationship is founded on mutual love of organic, beautiful, simply prepared food where the quality of ingredients and the love that goes into preparation is what matters. So suffice to say, dining at Stedsans was an experience we both will treasure forever. She deemed it "the highlight of her year" and secretly, I kind of already knew it would be. It was SO up her ally. And mine too. And I'm so grateful for the absolutely LOVELY people that we got to enjoy this dinner with. What a night.

More than anything, recently, what I've come to realize is my desire to do more physical work. To work with food. And the earth. And to move away from a desk life. Mette and Flemming, the beautiful creators of Stedsans, have the un-canning ability to inspire you to be more intentional with food—where you get it, to consider who grows it, to prepare it with love. And if I've ever felt a time to start working more with my passion for food, it was certainly after this evening. Of course still continuing to pursue my photography, but with more physical work that breeds creativity in the realm of food, florals and health/wellness. So many thoughts in my head. And dreaming up big plans going into my 24th year and beyond! But more and more I'm attracted to a simple life rich with things I love like movement, beautiful food, being in touch with nature and incredible people. I'm not really sure I need more in life. Anyways, dining at Stedsans was truly inspiring and each dish was a delicious as the next and I truly hope that if you visit Copenhagen over the summer, that you find yourself sitting in the Stedsans greenhouse sharing a meal with new and old friends. 

Stedsans-5 Stedsans-6 Stedsans-7 Stedsans-8 Stedsans-10 Stedsans-11 Stedsans-12 Stedsans-14 Stedsans-15

Stedsans-23 Stedsans-28 Stedsans-31 Stedsans-30 Stedsans-32 Stedsans-35Stedsans-33 Stedsans-36