A Hard Week Filled with Love and Showing Up For Myself

Copenhagen I can't lie, this week has been beyond brutal. I've been completely knocked out with the most brutal case of the flu or some sort of virus I've ever experienced. And I've basically had to take 100% care of myself save for my amazing roomie Craig who makes me lemon + honey tea and gives me hugs while I cry on the bathroom floor ‪#‎truestory‬. But feeling sick alone in a foreign country is not easy. And it makes me want to be home more than anything regardless of how much I love my little sweet life here in Copenhagen. I miss my sisters, the dogs, the fresh mountain air, walks on the ranch, those sweet pacific northwest vibes, swimming in the river, kombucha fills at the gas station, farmers markets, whole foods, drive through coffee and Central Oregon. It makes me realize that Central Oregon is really my home. It's the place I crave to return to as a means to find balance in my life. Something about that mountain air. Anyways, counting my lucky stars that my sweet godmother Rebecca was in town last week to give me so many hugs, words of wisdom and all the feels. I'm sure things will get better from here. Expat life comes with so much beauty accompanied by all the very, very hard bits.