My Newly Renovated 1967 Aloha Travel Trailer

Hi friends! Well, I'm kicking off something sort of new. I needed a change. I've been blogging for over five years and somewhere along the way my vision got clouded and I took a whole load of space to sit with what was going on. I felt a divergence between my true authentic vision and what I was sharing/producing. It was frustrating. I'm so excited to start blogging again—with a clean slate this time around. I'll be sharing all sorts of things about this exciting life I'm living here in Central Oregon. One of the most fun and exciting projects of the past several months has been purchasing, gutting, painting and redoing a beautiful 1967 Aloha Travel Trailer, which I have named DeziPinkz (as in Desert Pinks.) The name is an ode to the beautiful colors of the Oregon Desert and the pinks of the desert that inspired the paint job. This project has been a labor of love and dedication. Not for the faint of heart, I tell you. I bought this trailer in Terrebonne, Oregon from a yoga teacher and her partner. It was green and white and has some holes and problem area. I ended up painting two tones of pink—a desert rose color and light cotton candy pink with a white dividing line. I also had the interior completely gutted, resealed, painted entirely white and had wood floors put in. There have been a variety of ideas in regards to what I'd use this trailer for over the past few months of owning it. A shop! My home! A studio! The last I have indeed settled on; for now. It is my PERFECT photo studio. I finally feel that I can bring my visions to life. This has been such a fun project but has also been time consuming and a financial investment. However, in my eyes, it has been entirely worth it. Here are some images of the process of converting my trailer. 

If I had a few words of wisdom to share for those wanting to re-do a trailer...

1. Realize that projects like redoing a trailer take time; you'll definitely want to enjoy the process and make your dream space come to life, so let it breathe and give it time. This redo took nearly 5+ months. 

2. If you're going to paint it yourself, a paint spray gun is definitely the way to go; first round we rolled it and then learned our lesson. Paint spray guns are inexpensive and super effective. 

3. Have your vision entirely clear before starting the project.