Hi and welcome! My name is Charlotte Dupont!

I, like you, am many things.

Some of my most important roles that I am known for are:

  • digital and film photographer

  • intuitive human design guide

  • empowered wellness mentor

  • vintage curator

  • artist who alchemizes spirit, intuition, beauty and wellness

I have many roles in my life. I am many things, as are you. I am here to support you in finding your truth and purpose. While there are other avenues for finding my different work and creative outlets, this website is dedicated to my work in the wellness realm through human design and living an empowered and purpose-driven life. I utilize the system of human design to affirm who you are and why you incarnated on this planet. To learn more about my readings, please head to my booking page. For more information regarding what human design is, f.a.q, reviews, etcetera, please use the navigation bar at the top of this page.

If you’ve been called to my website, I hope I may be of service to you in supporting you to align with your inner wisdom and divine path forward.