Hi and welcome! My name is Charlotte and this is my website for all things health, wellness, conscious living, human design and an encouragement to live as your highest self. I am an intuitive human design guide, wellness consultant and a photographer. This website is the culmination of all of my passions.

I live in Oregon where the trees tower over my cozy cabin and each season is as beautiful as the last. I’ve been living in Oregon for the past ten years, give or take, with a short year long stint in Copenhagen, Denmark. The past ten plus years of my life have been dedicated to reclaiming my health and healing from autoimmune thyroid disease, endocrine disorders and early life trauma. My journey towards evolved health has been made possible through focusing on the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of healing and I believe whole health must incorporate these three aspects.

As a way to share my knowledge of health and healing, my offerings currently include:

Intuitive Human Design Readings

Intuitive Human Design Readings are seventy minutes in length and are a comprehensive analysis of your human design chart. Your Human Design Chart is a look into the specific energetics of your incarnation based on your birth time, date and location. A reading gives immense insight into how you were designed to operate in the world. Most of us are not actually operating in a way that is in alignment with our human design due to societal, parental and overall conditioning. A human design chart reading connects you with your authentic self so you can be in alignment with your true path. When you align with your authenticity, life becomes a sacred dance that allows abundance and magic to come through.

Intuitive guidance

Have you ever been in a situation where you need someone to talk to? Someone who is not biased? When we are moving through big decisions in life, it is important to ask advice from those who are not directly impacted by your decision in order to truly align with what your soul wants. I offer 1-1 intuitive guidance sessions for when you need someone to hold space while you are going through a big or small life transition. During these sessions, I utilize my knowledge of your personal human design as well as my intuitive gifts to both hold space and offer non-biased advice. These sessions are only available to my human design clients. These sessions are available in both thirty and forty five minute blocks of time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a bit about me. If you’d like to know more about my healing journey, you can read here. I’d love to hear from you so please send me a note via my contact page or reach out on Instagram.


Charlotte Dupont